About Amagi


Pronounced / əmɑːgi/ ama-gi

'A' as in 'Apollo'
'Ma' as in 'Mars'
'Gi' as in 'Gibbon'


The name ‘Amagi’ is derived from an ancient Sumerian phrase that can be translated as ‘going back to the mother’, or ‘freedom’.

At Amagi, we do what was never thought of, in Television.
It’s groundbreaking, disruptive and futuristic.

50 Million AD seconds served

10,000+ Edge servers in play

25 Countries and growing

We are a media technology company, passionate about bringing value to TV broadcasters and advertisers, and transforming TV to deliver Hyperlocal content. Our ability to create disruptive technology-driven solutions has helped us partner with some of the biggest brands in India and with leading TV networks around the world. With freedom and innovation as our guiding principles, Amagi has harnessed the transformative power of technology (both hardware and software) to change the way networks and brands perceive content delivery and monetization.

Today, Amagi has scaled up into India’s largest TV ad network, playing around a million ad seconds every month on premium TV channels. With numerous installations of Amagi’s playout and edge insertion servers around the world, we’re a global force in the broadcasting and ad-tech domain. Amagi has been honored with the IBC Innovation Award for Content Delivery in 2015, for our work with AMC Networks International (Sundance Channel Global). Additionally, for our ad-tech solution to NDTV 24×7, we won the ASBU BroadcastPro Middle East Innovative Project Award. Amagi was recognised as the winner in the media and entertainment category by Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific. With technology at its backbone, Amagi continues to build innovative offerings designed to accelerate and support the growth of the rapidly transforming TV broadcast and advertising industry.

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