What is the process to get my ad on-air?
There are four steps, really. Choose the channels you wish to advertise on. Select regions to target your campaign. Create a TV ad with us, or use your existing TV commercial. The Amagi backend team will then coordinate for all backend operations, while you sit back and enjoy watching your brand on TV!


Does Amagi have permission from TV networks to offer targeted advertising?
Yes. Amagi has partnered with various premium TV networks/channels and it is a joint initiative to sell channel space to regional advertisers, thereby incentivizing the effort of advertising on a premium channel.


What is a ball park figure I’m looking at for a TV advertising campaign?
The cost of an ad spot (10 seconds of TV time) ranges anywhere between 250 INR to 15000 INR, depending on the region where you want to advertise. It depends on the channel, and the territory. For instance, advertising in Mumbai would be much more expensive compared to advertising in Punjab. Similarly, advertising on Zee TV will be much more expensive compared to Zee News. This rate, multiplied by the number of times you want the ad to play in a week or month, gives you the rough cost of the campaign. You can also try using the Amagi MIX tool to get an idea of this cost.


Will I get a primetime slot?
They’re available. Our media plans are always a good mix of primetime and non-prime time slots, which our sales team will be happy to explain.
I want different ad versions to run in different locations. Is that possible?
Yes, that’s possible. In fact, there’s a unique option with Amagi wherein an advertiser can improve the effectiveness of his/her ad spends by airing different ads for different regions. This is called adversioning.


Can I go for a nationwide campaign?
Absolutely! If your brand requires a national level reach, we’re more than happy to help out with an optimal plan for the same.


Can I target my ad to a specific city or the entire state?
Cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Mumbai are considered as single Geo-units. West Bengal, Rajasthan, UP, Punjab are examples of states which are considered as single Geo-units.
If I take two markets – Mumbai & Delhi, can I play different ads for different cities?
Adversioning can help you out here. As explained earlier, adversioning will help you in using different versions of your ads in different regions, targeted at audiences in those locations.


How Many Ad Spots can i buy in a day?
Typically, ad spots range between 4 to16 in a day. The recommended frequencies vary depending upon the nature of channels and the desired intensity of your campaign.


How do I measure the reach of my campaigns with Amagi?
Amagi will give you a post-campaign report that carries information on the deliveries. Furthermore, subject to a nominal fee, TAM can issue a certificate for the same.


Are these ad spots or Scrolls?
These are regular video ad spots that appear during commercial breaks on TV channels. They are not scrolls.


I don’t have a creative. What do I do?
No problem. Give us a brand brief on what you would like the ad to convey, and our creative team will design a TV commercial for you.


I have a business and I have never advertised before. How can you help me?
Amagi’s sales executives are trained to understand your requirements and develop media solutions which work with your budget. You can hire us as your complete media consultants, and we’ll tell you exactly how much you ought to be spending in which market.


I have a creative. Will Amagi use it?
Most definitely. You just made our job a lot easier! We take multiple formats of video including DigiBeta, Beta, DV Cam and Mini DV in tape format. In digital format, we can work with .mov, .mp4 and .avi. Once you sign up with Amagi, our creative team can assist you in the process of converting your video ad to the right format.


Will there be Amagi logo branding on the TVCs?
We don’t believe in adding an extra layer of branding to your ad. So there won’t be any Amagi branding on your ads. They will appear just like any other national ad.


Do you have a limit for secondages?
Ads with a minimum duration of 10 seconds going up to a limit of 1 min are acceptable. There is no limit on the total secondages that an advertiser may wish to consume.


Will it work on both digital and analog cable?
Yes, it will.


Can you reach DTH homes only?
Advertisers have the option of choosing DTH separately or Set-Top-Box cable separately or both together, depending on their requirements.


While inserting local Ads, aren’t you changing the content of the channel? What happens to other Ads then?
Like any other advertiser, Amagi buys these ad spots from the channel. Once we buy a particular spot, we slice it region-wise and sell the same spot to different advertisers in different regions. We don’t replace any channel content, but only the ad space which we have purchased.


I am an Ad agency. Can I work with you?
Yes. We already have many agencies working with us. You can call 1800-200-4442 and mention that you want to be an Amagi Channel Partner. We have extremely lucrative partnership models where you can earn money in your free time by selling Amagi’s ad spots in your area through your ad agency.


What is the scope for a long term relationship with Amagi? Will i get discounts?
Absolutely! We’re open to tying up with you for annual deals at smarter rates. Call 1800-200-4442 to kickstart that wonderful long term relationship!