Experience nextgen cloud playout with CLOUDPORT.

Traditional broadcasting models are no longer enough to keep up with market demands. CLOUDPORT moves entire playout to a secure public cloud to simplify broadcasting and to optimize costs. It lets you easily add advanced graphic overlays, and support live broadcast, all through a web-based, user friendly interface.

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Key Features of CLOUDPORT:

  • Content Ingest: Automate content ingest and transcoding without changing your existing broadcast workflow
  • Content Storage & Archival: Store your media assets to a secure public cloud and scale up at will
  • Playout Management: Set up and manage multiple feeds with simple, web-based cloud UI
  • Content delivery to traditional TVs and Over-the-top (OTT): Deliver broadcast grade content across the world through edge based playout or cloud based virtualized playout
  • Complying with broadcast regulations, content rights obligations, and managing viewer preferences on a common satellite feed


How CLOUDPORT helps improve ROI.

  • Flexibility: Spin new channels through cloud & localize at every edge
  • Future-ready Technology: PaaS based architecture and cloud native playout solution.
  • Reiability: 99.99% Broadcast SLA and 24/7 monitoring and support.

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