Nextgen cloud & edge playout

Operate TV channels for satellite, cable, IP, or OTT


Manage playout through secure public cloud to simplify media asset management, content ingest, and delivery


Content ingest

Automate content ingest and transcoding without changing your existing broadcast workflow

Content ingest

Multiple playlist formats
Import playlists from multiple formats including .csv, .xls, XML, .txt, .bxf, .osc, and more.


Fast file transfer
Easily move files through third party file transfer systems.


Compatible with prevalent input formats
Use audio/video input formats of your choice with complete flexibility.


Audio Video Mezzanine
AAC H.264 High Profile MXF
AC3 (Dolby Digital) Progressive or Interlaced XDCAM
4 mbps to 15 mbps CBR MOV and many more
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Content storage and archival

Store your media assets to a secure public cloud and scale up at will

Automated workflows

Automatically import all media assets with API integration, and set up workflows with ease.

Media asset management

Experience complete control over your media assets with military grade security. Streamline your media assets storage and archival, reduce costs, and operate more securely with built in redundancies.

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Content storage and archival

Content delivery to traditional TVs and Over-the-top (OTT)

Deliver broadcast grade content across the world through edge based playout or cloud based virtualized playout

Playout solutions for broadcast

Edge playout

You can use Amagi’s Edge based playout option to customize your feeds for each operator headend. With an Edge based playout, content insertions can be remotely controlled right at the operator headend, allowing you to localize your content effectively.


Cloud playout

Cloud to Operator headend – With cloud playout you can instantly spin new channels and deliver a 24/7 linear stream to operator headends. Cloud delivery option also lets you eliminate additional expenditure on disaster recovery solutions.

Linear OTT Feed – With CLOUDPORT’s OTT delivery option you can instantly create broadcast quality channels and deliver them directly to millions of devices through an HLS stream.

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Content delivery to traditional TVs and Over-the-top (OTT)

Where we are deployed

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Where we are deployed

How CLOUDPORT helps you improve ROI

How CLOUDPORT helps you improve ROI


  • Localization at every edge
  • Spin new channels through cloud
  • Multisite workflow for remote management

Future-Ready technology

  • Cloud native playout solution
  • PaaS based architecture
  • Simplified web based user interface


  • 24/7 Monitoring and support
  • 99.99% Broadcast SLA
  • Viable disaster recovery solution

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