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At Amagi, we believe that there’s always a simpler way of doing things. We want to change the way companies are built, and in the process, we’re rediscovering television. Come, be a part of the journey.


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Amagi is simply, a school with no teachers, there couldn't be a better place for a backbencher like me to work in. No “nok-jhok" or supervision, but remember the words of Spidy (with a slight twist of course) – "With great freedom, comes great responsibilities". The only burden you carry here is that of living up to the trust placed in you. You'll instantly fall in love with our park themed office. It won’t be an exaggeration when I say, 'Where I live is my second home cos amagi is where I love living'

Lead, Creative Team


We deal in the art of mastering tomorrow’s technology and using it to transform the world around us, all in a day’s work. Hard work never goes unnoticed at the firm, and we don’t like building ‘dull jacks’. Having fun is an integral part of doing what we do.

Amagi has an intrinsic team called the Smile Club, which is responsible for creating immersive engagement experiences for our employees. The club has a rotating cast, which encourages new Amagians to provide their inputs with respect to maximizing fun at work.


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