Source content from anywhere, and make it broadcast ready

Content preparation services

Live, linear, or OTT, any type of content, anywhere in the world.
Amagi can source and ingest it for you.

Downlinking, and transferring content

Record, recycle, and revival

Amagi can automatically pull library content from datacenter or your premise. Amagi can also downlink content from third party sources directly. Since we support all media file formats, no changes are required in your existing workflow. Content can be sourced in media file formats such as MPEG, AVI etc, as well as in streaming options such as IP Stream, HLS, and satellite.

Amagi can not only pull live feeds for you, but we can also record the content from live streams . Both recorded content as well as non-live media files can be re-used or stored in secure archives. At any point you pay only for the actual usage.

Post production and graphics creation

Making sure your content is error free, editing it as per requirement, and adding vibrant graphics to match your branding.
Our post production and graphics center can handle it all.

Post production services

Graphics services

Amagi's post production service is capable of making regulatory edits, and ensuring that your content is broadcast quality. Our team undertakes key functions such as creating soft/hard semgents, and generating metadata for all content assets. In short, we can take any raw content, and populate segments as per the schedule, ensuring greatest adherence to quality standards.

Amagi’s graphics center has an experience of working with thousands of brands on creative graphic solution. Our team ensures that your channel follows your branding guideline, and improves user experience, through creation of multi-layered overlays. Full screen animations, tickers, crawlers, seasonal logos, Lower third Promos, we can do it all!

Scheduling services

We help you create the final presentation schedule, handle last minute changes, and send updates to EPG.

Flexible formats, support for all existing files

Ad traffic and presentation schedule preparation

Updating the EPG

Your schedule could literally be in any existing format for us to start working on it. Amagi can pull the offline schedule to our sophisticated cloud-based scheduling platform. Once the schedule is online, our team can handle any last minute changes, while providing you exclusive access to the same.

Amagi can directly coordinate with your agency partners to create breaks list, prepare ad schedules to maximize yield, and integrate the ads schedule with the main workflow to create a ‘presentation schedule’.

Our team can also send updates to the program guide, ensuring your viewers can track their entertainment exactly as planned in the presentation schedule.

Automation at Amagi

Creating auto-segments, removing errors, matching content to schedule, and
recording in-coming streams, everything can be automated using Amagi's
software. With automated processes your channel can be transmitted completely
error-free, and as per schedule.

Language and access services

Take your channel global with subtitling and voice over services.
Work with best-in-class experts through Amagi's extensive
partner network.

Why AMAGI media services

End-to-end service from content sourcing to delivery in all possible content formats, in any location across the world

Web UI with detailed activity
logs and real-time
playout status

Deep-learning driven
approach for QC, and
value added services

Global delivery presence
80+ feeds 40+ countries



Nextgen virtualized playout


Server-side OTT dynamic ad insertion

Case Study

Cloud Brings Cheer to Horse & Country TV

Case Study

Monetizing the Middle East market without creating additional satellite feeds