Create, and launch feature-rich OTT channels

OTT Playout

TV networks or content owners with exclusive content rights can spin off their own live or linear OTT channels using Amagi OTT playout services. Right from transferring media assets to the cloud, post-production, graphics creation, scheduling, playout, and delivery to CDN, Amagi can provide end-to-end services.


Content acquisition

Amagi can accept multiple media file and video streaming formats. We can arrange for content to be pulled from any single or multiple datacenters, anywhere in the world. Live feeds can also be integrated with the main workflow to create a mix of live and non-live programs on OTT. All content is encrypted and stored on a secure cloud.


Amagi’s creative services covering professional video editing and graphics creates soft-parted segments, and generates metadata that simplifies asset management. Our team also uses automated processes to ensure regulatory QC on all media assets for frequently observed errors such as corrupt codecs or files, freeze/black frames, and silent audio.

Graphics creation

Amagi’s team of skilled graphics designers can ensure a contemporary brand experience of your channel for its viewers. Designers from Amagi’s creative services can create lower-third animations/templates for channel promos, season-themed logo animations, social media promos, and L-bands.

Language Localization

Your content can be supported by subtitles done by professional third party service providers. A proxy of original asset is made available through cloud to service providers, and final subtitles can be approved through content owner or TV network’s dashboard.

OTT Playout Services: Ensure flawless transmission

Presentation scheduling

Ad server integration

Live MCR

Archival and recording


You can send your schedules in any format, or upload it directly through web interface. Amagi’s managed services team integrates them with ad schedules, and graphic overlays to create a final, frame-accurate schedule. However, you can still make last minute changes to the playlists, and deliver the feed to CDNs.

Amagi can directly coordinate with your ad/media partner to integrate with any ad server of your choice for effective monetization of your content. Amagi can also set up ad insertion platform that can dynamically insert personalized ads.

Our MCR professionals with experience of managing a wide range of live and linear formats for OTT. Amagi’s team can make expert editorial decisions to switch from live to non-live, insert ads and graphic etc.

Amagi can record live content, and convert it into VOD-ready packages. An episode of a popular show in your linear feed can be converted into an accessible VOD segment, or simply archived for later usage.

Amagi can monitor both transmitted (Tx) and received (Rx) playout 24/7. We can further reduce the possibility of errors by preparing a beta playout ahead of actual transmission, to test the possibility of errors. In case of any errors in actual playout, Amagi’s monitoring team is the first point of contact to resolve errors.

Channel Delivery

Amagi can help you deliver your OTT channel to your audience
anywhere in the world.


Whether it’s single, multiple or multi-CDN, Amagi can determine the appropriate CDN as per your desired geographical area. We can directly coordinate with leading CDNs such as Akamai, and deliver the feed in a variety of stream formats such as SDI, RTP, RTMP, MPEG-DASH, and HLS.


Amagi’s graphic engine can analyze the raw video files and generate a wide range of VOD-ready snippets such as highlights, promos, key actors, and thumbnails.

You can also personalize ads with server-side ad insertion on live and linear OTT

Interested in managing OTT playout yourself?

Creating auto-segments, removing errors, matching content to schedule, and recording in-coming streams, everything can be automated using Amagi’s software. With automated processes, your OTT channel can be transmitted completely error-free, and as per schedule.

Why Amagi OTT playout

Supports multiple media file formats

Advanced multi layered graphics

99.99% broadcast SLA

Integrates easily with ad insertion platforms



Nextgen virtualized playout


Server-side OTT dynamic ad insertion

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Case Study

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