Create, and launch regionalized channels

Regionalized playout

Amagi can set up regional feeds for TV networks planning to reach multiple regions. Each feed can be treated as individual channels, with completely customizable content. You can potentially increase viewership and attract local advertisers with regionalized playout.


Content Acquisition

Amagi can source live feed from any location in the world, and accept any non-live format. We can directly pull this content from multiple locations, allowing you the flexibility to create exclusive channels for each region, with an ideal mix of local content.


Amagi’s creative services can help you maintain consistent quality across all feeds. Our post-production experts can create segments for each regions based on your schedule, and also generate different promos for each region.

Graphics creation

We can also help you customize regional feeds with unique graphics, to match the user experience expected in the region. Our team can create stunning visuals with graphic rich lower third animations, logos, bugs, L-bands, social feeds and more.

Language Localization

For each region, you can customize the subtitles and voiceovers with best-in-class service providers. You can centrally review contributions by external vendors through web dashboard with secure access. Complete transparency is maintained while providing encrypted access to third party service providers. All actions are logged for future requirements.

Playout Services: Ensure flawless transmission

Presentation scheduling

Ad scheduling

Live MCR

Archival and recording


You can send your schedules in any format, or upload it directly through the web interface. Amagi can integrate schedules for each regional feed to ensure flawless transmission. However, you can still request last minute changes to any feed, enabling ideal viewer experience.

We can directly coordinate with your regional ad/media agencies to create break lists, and ad schedules. Any schedule format can be picked up as per the requirement of the agencies.

Our MCR professionals with experience of managing live and linear content drive editorial decisions to facilitate last minute content switch as deemed necessary during the broadcast. Each regional feed is treated like an individual channel with exclusive activities such as switching in to live, jump to dynamic ad break, or playing an overlay graphic.

All regional feeds, and played-out content can be recorded to be played later, or simply archived for records purpose.

Amagi can monitor both transmitted (Tx) and received (Rx) playout 24/7. We can further reduce the possibility of errors by preparing a beta playout ahead of actual transmission, to test the possibility of errors. In case of any errors in actual playout, Amagi’s monitoring team is the first point of contact to resolve errors.

Content Delivery

Reach your audience anywhere, through any delivery model.

  • Galaxy 19 at 97.0°W - Ku band
  • Yahsat 1a at 52.5°E – Ku band
  • APSTAR-7B Ku-band
  • Eutelsat 7/8° W - Nilesat – Ku Band,Eutelsat 7B
  • Hot Bird at 13.0°E - Ku band
  • ASIASAT 5 at 100.5° E - C band, ASIASAT 7 at 105.5° E - C band, Africasat 1a at 46.0°E – C band
  • TurkmenAlem at 52°E – Ku band, Yahsat 1a at 52.5°E – Ku band,SES5 at 5.0°E – Ku & Ka band, Intelsat 20 at 68.5°E – Ku band
  • Yamal 402, Astra 3B, Astra 4A, Astra at 19.2°E - Ku band
  • IS 20, IS 17, SES 5, ABS 3A
  • ASIASAT 5 at 100.5° E - C band
  • ASIASAT 7 at 105.5° E - C band
  • APSTAR-5
  • APSTAR-6
  • APSTAR-7
  • APSTAR-9
  • INSAT 4A

Monetize your channel across markets and platforms

Interested in managing regionalized playout yourself?

Creating auto-segments, removing errors, matching content to schedule, and
recording in-coming streams, everything can be automated
using Amagi's software. With automated processes your channel can be transmitted
completely error-free, and as per schedule.

Why Amagi regionalized playout

Supports multiple media file formats

Advanced multi layered graphics

99.99% broadcast SLA

No additional satellite feeds required



Nextgen virtualized playout


Server-side OTT dynamic ad insertion

Case Study

Cloud Brings Cheer to Horse & Country TV

Case Study

Monetizing the Middle East market without creating additional satellite feeds