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Amagi To Unveil STORMPLUS Hybrid Sat+Cloud IRD At BVE2015

Amagi To Unveil STORMPLUS Hybrid Sat+Cloud IRD At BVE2015

Las Vegas 

STORMPLUS Offers TV networks more flexibility to insert local content and Ads at cable and satellite headends.

Amagi, the leader in cloud-based TV broadcast infrastructure will be unveiling its advanced Satellite + Cloud Receiver-Decoder (IRD), STORMPLUS at BVE2015. The STORMPLUS IRDs work as satellite receivers enhanced with support for local content and Ad insertion. They are capable of content store, trigger detection, HD video insertion, multiple audio tracks including Dolby surround, subtitles and multi-layer animated graphics.

STORMPLUS can receive local content from both satellite and cloud, enabling greater infrastructure flexibility for TV networks as the broadcasting ecosystem embraces cloud like never before. Unlike most Ad-insertion systems, these IRDs give TV networks complete access and control on insertion of local content and advertisements. STORMPLUS has a robust cloud UI management platform enabling TV networks to schedule, control and monitor playout of local content and Ads at remote headends.

“For TV networks who distribute their content through satellite, STORMPLUS provides a cost-effective alternative to regionalize content on existing feeds instead of setting up new satellite feeds. Especially in cases where TV networks are slowly transitioning from traditional satellite broadcast to the cloud, STORMPLUS augurs well as it is fully equipped with satellite + cloud hybrid capabilities” said Srividhya Srinivasan, co-founder, Amagi.

Amagi is a pioneer in content regionalization and geo-targeting advertisements on satellite TV feeds. The company has developed innovative and proprietary content watermark technology for automatic detection of triggers and content replacement. STORMPLUS also supports traditional triggers such as SCTE-35 and DTMF cue-tones.

“Amagi holds multiple patents in delivering targeted advertising and content. We are committed to invest in technology research and bring out products that are revolutionary in the TV broadcast industry” added Srividhya.

Amagi will also showcase its channel playout, regionalization, linear OTT and monetization platforms at its stand #R06. The company has more than 4,000 edge servers deployed in over 15 countries across five continents.

About Amagi

Amagi is the world’s largest platform for delivering targeted TV content and advertising anywhere across the globe. Every month, Amagi delivers and plays out more than one million advertising seconds and thousands of hours of content for many leading broadcasters. Amagi’s patented core technology delivers new market access, content localization, and advertising revenue streams for broadcasters at a fraction of the cost when compared to existing traditional satellite and fiber based delivery models.

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