<span>Boost your content</span> and advertising ROI with Amagi’s CTV ads marketplace

Boost your content and advertising ROI with Amagi’s CTV ads marketplace

Explore the untapped CTV ad opportunities with Amagi

Leverage Amagi ADS PLUS - one of the largest first party ad platforms that allows TV ad buyers and sellers access to coveted audiences in entertainment, sports, live events and more from the most trusted brands in TV.

Backed by our advanced ad technology, Amagi ADS PLUS provides brands a unified path to reach thousands of premium CTV channels around the world.

Amagi advantages
  • 50 billion ad opportunities
  • Leading ad tech stack with advanced DAI and analytics
  • Trusted partner to key stakeholders across the CTV ecosystem - content brands, broadcasters, CTV/FAST/AVOD platforms and ad networks
200 million
CTV households
Completion rates

103% rise
in total viewership hours
FAST platforms
Fraud free

The Amagi ADS PLUS Advantage for Sellers

Monetize your live, linear and VOD content at scale with an end-to-end approach to advertising - powered by
Amagi ADS PLUS. Driven by our advanced ad tech solutions and AI, our programmatic CTV marketplace strengthens your monetization strategy with detailed analytics and reporting.

The Amagi ADS PLUS Advantage for Sellers

Deliver targeted ads at scale, improve fill rate and optimize price with end-to-end ad sales, backed by streamlined processes. Maximize content value and attract leading advertisers.


Gain detailed insights into ad impressions, ad conversion rates, user drop off, sell through and more. Pick from a range of comprehensive reports and easy to use dashboards for immediate results.

03Complete CTV strategy

Plan & implement a complete go-to-market CTV strategy or transact with our demand partners via standard Programmatic, Programmatic Guaranteed (PG), Private Marketplace (PMP) or Client direct.

Enjoy maximum value with our flexible plans and complete managed ad services.

04Data & privacy

Ensure data & privacy compliance with our robust approach to identity management - driven off our first party metadata, audience curation and screen level contextual targeting.

Trust in our global commitment to transparency and consumer protection, while aligning your inventory with the highest valued audience segments.

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The Amagi ADS PLUS Advantage for Buyers

A first-party ad platform powering the cloud ‘playout’ and dynamic ad insertion (DAI) for thousands of CTV channels around the world puts Amagi ADS PLUS closest to the stream when it comes to supply side partners. Access the growing, highly addressable CTV audiences across the world, including the millennials and Gen Z - increasingly unreachable on Pay TV.

The Amagi ADS PLUS Advantage for Buyers
01Premium CTV content at scale

Get your brand before massive and diverse audiences you love, via the CTV universe where hundreds of channels across genres are launched every day.

02Brand safety

With the highest possible ratings for brand safety and ad fraud, know that your ads are running in a trusted and curated environment. Eliminate ad fraud by “opting out” of contextual content not aligned with your brand.

03Ad innovation

Leverage innovative and unintrusive ad formats such as instreams ads and contextual video ads for improved viewer engagement and brand reach. See higher lift and strong overall return on ad spend (ROAS) with branded content experiences and engaging second screen experiences.

04Measurement & incremental reach

Connect with the highest valued consumers with unduplicated reach to traditional television or digital video buys. Enjoy incremental reach by delivering the right ad to the right consumer at the right price, and measure its impact accurately.

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