Automated Ad Detection

Automated Ad Detection

Auto detect and personalize ads on the server-side for OTT

Analyze any linear video stream and detect ads using
Machine Learning technology

AI-driven<br />ad detection

ad detection

Server-side<br />ad insertion

ad insertion

Live sports<br />and OTT aggregators

Live sports
and OTT aggregators

Comprehensive<br />reporting


AI-driven ad detection

Use advanced pattern recognition to identify ads in live linear stream

Detect ads without trigger

Detect ads without trigger

Eliminates the need to use manual ad replacement triggers or mapping non-standard ad-breaks.

No duplication of effort

No duplication of effort

No need to scan individual channel feeds. Once detected, unique video ads can be replaced in any live linear feed.

Why OTT aggregators need auto ad detection?

Server-side ad replacement

Dynamically replace ads in any live linear OTT stream

Bypass ad blockers

Bypass ad blockers

Render client-side ad blockers ineffective by placing ads in content stream.

Goodbye buffering

Goodbye buffering

Enhance user-experience by eliminating buffering instances.

Anti-ad blocker technology

Built for live sports and OTT aggregators

Monetize live content and boost revenues for virtual MVPDs

Insert personalized ads on Live OTT

Insert personalized ads on Live OTT

Handle abrupt breakout instances in breaking news and sports with frame-accurate precision.

Monetize thousands of aggregated streams

Monetize thousands of aggregated streams

Scan and replace original ads in multiple streams to drive revenue generation for channel aggregator platforms.

Comprehensive reporting

Know status of inventory and campaign analytics at a glance

Comprehensive reporting



Integrates with major demand side platforms


Friendly web-based dashboard


AI driven technology for hassle-free ad replacement

Client success stories

Tony Huidor,  ‎Cinedigm Entertainment Tim Bertioli, Viceland TV Kaushik Basu, DSPORT Dave Alworth, AMC Networks Heather Killen, H&C TV Dinesh Singh, CTO, NDTV Ashok Shenoy, B4U Networks

The time to market was extremely quick with Amagi cloud playout platform. We were able to launch our first broadcast quality channel with in a matter of weeks

Tony Huidor, ‎Cinedigm Entertainment

Moving to Amagi has provided us an opportunity to scale up faster, and more effectively.

Tim Bertioli, Viceland TV

Amagi's cloud managed services helped us launch a live sports channel with machine-learning driven automation.

Kaushik Basu, DSPORT

Using Amagi, we now have an increased offering of locally relevant programming.

Dave Alworth, AMC Networks

Using cloud-based solution from Amagi has made it commercially viable to serve specialized content in non-contiguous high value markets.

Heather Killen, H&C TV

Amagi's solution allowed us to monetize Middle East market without setting up separate satellite feed, or making changes to existing systems.

Dinesh Singh, CTO, NDTV

Amagi improved flexibility of our broadcast workflow, making it easy for us to deliver content relevant to each region while reducing OPEX and CAPEX.

Ashok Shenoy, B4U Networks

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