Auto ad-detection and
replacement for Virtual MVPDs

Virtual Multi-channel Video Programming Distribution (MVPD) service providers or OTT aggregators across the globe are facing complex challenges when it comes to monetizing content and personalizing ads.


  • Virtual MVPDs have little or no control on content and ad triggers
  • Non-standard break durations on aggregated channels
  • Increased technical complexities owing to multiple types of user devices
  • Integration requirements with various third-party players in the ecosystem

How Amagi is solving these business challenges through auto ad-detection

The primary problem for Virtual MVPDs is the absence of any ad markers in the incoming broadcast feeds to its services. Amagi is leading the way with machine learning-based auto ad-detection. Using Amagi THUNDERSTORM platform, Virtual MVPDs can automatically identify ads, and replace them with dynamically inserted personalized ads.

How it works

Auto ad detection and mining

The ad mining module in Amagi THUNDERSTORM, receives broadcast feeds from channels, and studies each video segment. Using machine learning techniques, THUNDERSTORM identifies ad segments and creates a unique signature for each ad.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Aggregated feeds from a Virtual MVPD service provider are passed through THUNDERSTORM OTT Dynamic Ad Insertion server. Each video segment is then compared with the ad signatures library. As and when the signatures match, replacement ads are dynamically fetched from a network of Ad Exchange servers, and stitched on the server-side to create a unified stream of content and ads. This video stream is then delivered to user devices.

Integration with Ad Networks

Amagi THUNDERSTORM can be integrated with leading Ad Networks such as SpotXchange, Google Double Click, YuMe, Mediamind among others.


  • Eliminates Virtual MVPDs’ dependencies on broadcasters to provide ad markers
  • Creates a new source of ad revenues in contrast to earlier situation of wasted ad inventory
  • Higher accuracy of ad detection as more feeds are aggregated
  • Supports ad detection and insertion on live linear OTT feeds
  • Integration with vast number of ad networks
  • Dynamic ad insertion with server-side stitching
  • Highly scalable solution that can be deployed across regions
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