4 Concept phones to blow the cellular industry wide open - Amagi

May 9, 2016

By Harshad

Mobile phones have zero-to-little shelf-life in emerging markets these days, and the technology behind them gets archaic before you can say app-store'. So it's pretty much a potential foot-in-mouth gimmick to claim that a certain mobile phone concept will change everything.

Yet, as the countdown continues towards another impending Apple WWDC and another keynote and another Microsoft special-announcement, someone from the real consumer-world needs to take the plunge and get creative! So, without further ado, here are four path-breaking innovations that couldn't possibly get here any sooner!

#1 The Projector iPhone


The next-generation of i-phone, may not be a phone anymore. This concept is closer to the holographic UI interfaces from Star Wars. The projector i-phone design conceptualized by Samuel Lee Kwon can lead up to interesting ideas. Would we actually be able to transfer data with a high-five'? What about when you wave someone over? Surely app developers will go crazy over this one!

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#2 Dual Cameras


We live in a world that is increasingly becoming image-oriented. Our memories are now predominantly stored on a cloud and captured from our phones. It's surprising that we haven't already seen more development in improving quality of phone cameras. This prototype aims to change just that. More clarity for my images, and opportunities to show up friends with DSLR? Come here and take our money already! Read More:

#3 Transformer Android Phone


While most futuristic concepts can get somewhat wild, and we absolutely adore them for that, the idea of a modular phone is very practical. It's almost insane that we don't have this already. While everything else about android is modular, we still don't have a phone that can be customized on both software as well as hardware fronts. Fortunately Project Ara from Google is almost here. This modular phone will allow you to customize different hardware parts of your phone, the way you want them! It's still not clear how it will be prized and what it means for android, but hey, having a choice is always good, isn't it? Watch More:

#4 Transparent Dual Touch


Sometimes an invention in one field brings completely unintentional innovation in other fields. The technology of a transparent, dual screen display for example, can have many takers from other field. Wearable, for example could potentially benefit from this NTT Docomo innovation. The technology lets users easily navigate from both sides of the display, which can lead to some very interesting gaming and app-navigation ideas. Read More:

Agree with our list? Do let us know what are some of the mobile phone ideas that you are waiting for.