Amagi at BVE London 2016 with CUMULUS Cloud Broadcast Platform

March 4, 2016

By Sanjay K

We recently witnessed the launch of this year's London Entertainment Week in grand tradition. And continuing our run-in with the latest developments in the world of broadcast tech, we exhibited some of Amagi's latest offerings at the Broadcast Video Expo (BVE), London.

BVE happens to be the largest event for video content creation and consumption professionals, attracting an excess of 15,000 visitors from more than 60 countries, and brings together a myriad of expert opinions in the broadcast innovation segment. The Amagi team felt right at home amidst 250+ of the leading manufacturers, distributors and resellers of professional production and broadcast equipment and systems.

The show stealer at the Amagi booth was CUMULUS, Amagi's end-to-end broadcast management toolchain, available on the cloud. CUMULUS allows TV networks to prepare, manage, playout, deliver, and monetize their content, all through a common platform. Built on a global, secure AWS (Amazon Web Services) architecture, CUMULUS also offers centralized content storage, integrated archival and instant revival of archived assets. There was extensive media interest surrounding CUMULUS at BVE; Sri Hari T, Head of Business Development, Amagi (UK) was interviewed at the booth by InBroadcast Magazine.

The Amagi booth also offered a sneak-peek into THUNDERSTORM, Amagi's brand new dynamic OTT ad insertion platform. THUNDERSTORM performs instant server-side ad insertion on OTT feeds, and allows broadcasters to insert multiple types of ad formats, including bugs, L-bands, and linear video. It provides penultimate flexibility, eliminating device-driven OTT ad streams and consequently preventing ad-blockers from interfering with pre-roll/mid-roll ads. Real-time dynamic stitching also ensures adaptive bitrate streaming for ads alongside the actual content stream. As a platform-independent model, it can integrate seamlessly with any OTT video service.

Both CUMULUS and THUNDERSTORM were widely appreciated by visitors at the Amagi booth, and we hope to continue enthralling this uber-active community of broadcast enthusiasts at London, in the years to come.