Five crazy predictions for Pokemon Go - Amagi

July 18, 2016

By Harshad

It's raining Pokemons everywhere! Is this the moment when we finally evolve from human beings to Pokemon catchers? We will soon find out. In the meantime, here are five crazy things that might happen if the Pokemon craze continues.

  1. First rule of the Pokemon club is boxing Forget bar-fights, we might soon have Pokemon clubs that fight each other in real life over which team they belong to. If rivalries in football clubs were legendary, imagine how much more crazy it would be when fans themselves are part of a global, real team.

  2. Lured with promise of a rare Pokemon boxing There was a time when mothers would caution their kids, not to take candy from strangers. Well, moms you have a whole new problem on your hands now. Anyone can resist candy, but Pokemon radar disables any sense of caution, and could lead to abductions, or major accidents.

  3. Keeping up with the Pokemons boxing When Youtube was launched, nobody imagined that it would lead rising of a new kind of celebrities. People like Ryan Higga have practically created stardom through Youtube, and similar examples can be seen on Instagram. It's not very difficult to imagine the rise of new Pokemon Go champions who are revered by their teams worldwide.

  4. When Harry fought Sally and her Pikachu boxing Since Pokemon Go allows people to meet with strangers and fight them. Eventually, someone somewhere will stumble upon a romance between the ruthless red team guy and ice queen yellow team girl. Perhaps Hallmark folks might already be halfway in script writing.

  5. Wanted: An experienced Pokemon specialist boxing If the craze for Pokemon continues, there is a possibility that soon it might develop into a full-time career to professionally train Pokemon and orchestrate public events, not unlike in the actual series. With holographic technology, it might even be possible to make the experience even more immersive.

By the time this gets published, Pokemon Go is becoming the most successful mobile app. Of all time. Such is the craze that its already closing on to Snapchat. The best part? It's not even launched yet in many countries around the world. What are some of the crazy things you anticipate when the app becomes even more popular? Let us know in comments below!