IBC 2016 preview: State of broadcast and what to expect from Amagi

September 7, 2016

By Sanjay K

There couldn't be a better time to discuss broadcast industry trends and predictions, with IBC just a few hours away. As per a 2016 Nielsen survey, the audience prefer watching videos through Video-On-Demand (VOD) platforms due to the personalization options. Clearly, content personalization has emerged as a bigger theme when it comes to broadcast. With more personalization, broadcast industry can expect a newer set of challenges including the three most important ones given below.

Monetization: As the old formats of content consumption change, the industry will have to find better ways to monetize content. Ad blocker apps remain a challenge for the industry, and will need solutions that can be effective counters. Targeted advertising may also gather more momentum as advertisers demand more clarity from traditional broadcast.

Cost Management: As broadcasters grapple with need to personalize content, traditional methods like satellite and fiber would pose the challenge of cost management. There may still be space for these technologies, but other, more effective methods may replace them as the standard broadcast delivery models.

Content Delivery: Although VOD services are on the rise, old school television is not going anywhere for foreseeable future. However, in order to keep up with audience demand, TV networks will need innovation in playout management.

To tackle these challenges, TV networks will need to look at cloud as more than just a storage solution. Cloud-based solutions could become ubiquitous for broadcast delivery with other methods like satellite and fiber complimenting them.

Experience Amagi's Cloud broadcast solutions at IBC 2016 Amagi is showcasing three cloud based solutions at IBC 2016 that can help TV networks, content owners, and broadcaster meet the needs of the industry.

CLOUDPORT 3.0: An advanced playout solution based on secure public cloud STORM: An effective content localization platform THUNDERSTORM: Dynamic ad insertion platform for OTT

Amagi will also provide an opportunity to directly interact with Amagi's leadership team and technical experts to understand how these platforms can help TV networks personalize, deliver, and monetize video content. Drop by at booth stand B19, Hall 2 to experience next -generation cloud broadcast and monetization solutions.