Dynamic graphics capabilities for TV playout

With advances in display technology, global audiences now demand a graphic-rich viewing experience. Accentuating your content with dynamic, multi-layered broadcast graphics is more important than ever before. While the digital media offers an intuitive graphic experience, traditional playout systems are unable to keep-up to the challenge.


  • Increasing demand for graphic-rich user experience
  • Complex graphics scheduling processes
  • Limited support for dynamic graphics in a traditional playout software
  • Lack of integration with broadcast graphics software applications such as Adobe After Effects

Broadcast Graphics Automation

Amagi’s cloud-native playout platform can facilitate automatic scheduling of graphics as per the TV channel’s requirements. For example, Now/Next/Later slate between the programs can use the rule-based system developed by Amagi to automatically pull thumbnails for upcoming programs based on the playlist information. This way, TV networks do not need to manually insert graphics, and can save time by creating templates.

Examples of broadcast graphics automation

  • End Credit Squeeze
    Main programme is squeezed to reveal lower-third end credits playing beneath.
  • End Credit Squeeze with Promo
    Main programme credits are squeezed as 2.5D revealing dynamic promo video clip and dynamic text elements.
  • Dynamic Now/Next/Later Menu
    Full screen menu, programme names are taken from playlist. Video clips can be automatically generated from main event and timecode.
  • Lower Third Overlay
    Lower Third overlaid onto primary video. Programme name is picked from playlist dynamic data, and video is automatically generated.

Using Adobe After-Effects Templates

Amagi’s broadcast playout platform can sync with Adobe After-Effects to dynamically pull graphics. The process of creating new graphics is very simple. TV Network’s or Amagi’s creative team can easily create placeholders for primary and secondary videos, and text. Each template is saved individually as an XML file. All files, including the footage and metadata are saved in an archive file, and uploaded to Amagi cloud. Once on cloud, the template can be inserted by creating rules to change templates after any given time interval.

Broadcast Graphics and DVE available for playout

  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, RSS)
  • Static/Animated logos/bugs
  • Count down timers
  • Ticker/ Scrolls /Lower thirds overlay
  • L-bands
  • Picture-in-picture (PIP) effect
  • Video squeeze back
  • Voice overlays

Getting started

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