Live Orchestration on Cloud

Live Orchestration on Cloud

Air broadcast-grade live events with on-demand, centralized and virtualized platform

A live broadcast breakthrough
powered by cloud and automation

Why use CLOUDPORT-LIVE for live broadcast orchestration?

Reduce live orchestration costs and increase revenue opportunities

Expand live events portfolio with flexible on-demand live channels

Expand live events portfolio with flexible on-demand live channels

Cater to the wider audience requirements by live coverage of simultaneous events - be it premium or local. Ingest live inputs from any location without investing in high CAPEX, long term infrastructure, to cover a wider
range of events.

Produce broadcast-grade live events with greater reliability

Produce broadcast-grade live events with greater reliability

Orchestrate live events in real-time with low latency and high redundancy to prevent any blackouts. Ensure frame-accurate signalling of ad-breaks and graphic insertion actions.

Control output of multiple feeds with ‘ganging’ functionality

Control output of multiple feeds with ‘ganging’ functionality

Centrally manage multiple downstream playouts for the same event with pre-defined operator actions. Subscribe and customize event templates for simplified ad scheduling.


Manage end-to-end live workflow on cloud

Multiformat live input management on secure cloud

Ingest multiple live input streams, switch between different sources. Get live preview of incoming sources and localize audio such as commentary from
remote locations.

Content enhancement on cloud

Enhance live output with broadcast-quality graphics and scheduling on a web-based user interface. Play match score-cards, news-tickers, and animated logos to bring interactivity to your
live broadcast.

Packaging for multiple playout formats

Prepare the output streams for a variety of delivery requirements. Deliver to traditional playout operators, as well as digital streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Amazon Prime
and others.

Whitepaper: Cloud technology for broadcasters

Versatile web dashboard for multiple scenarios

Versatile web dashboard for multiple scenarios

Orchestrate live events to a single
playout operator

Access media library to play live graphics and ad breaks, perform scheduling actions in real-time, and get low-res preview of input as well as output stream for a single channel.

Control orchestration for additional channels using extended dashboard

Access media files, schedules, and controls for multiple channels by using additional ‘panels’ for each channel.

Create ad breaks and live graphic templates to control multiple channel feeds

Define ad breaks and live graphics patterns for the event to control the downstream live orchestration for any number of channel feeds.

Use cases for CLOUDPORT-LIVE

Full-scale broadcast of large,<br />multi-day sporting events

Full-scale broadcast of large,
multi-day sporting events

Spin-up short-term channels to cover preliminary stages and even parallel matches in entirety for large events such as Wimbledon or Olympics.

Capture audience share for<br />mid-tier live events

Capture audience share for
mid-tier live events

Launch new live channels cost-effectively to cover sports, news, or reality shows with limited audience.

Telecast small-scale and local events with broadcast-grade quality

Telecast small-scale and local events with broadcast-grade quality

Orchestrate broadcast-grade quality telecast of previously untapped local level live events such as college sports or school leagues.

Client success stories

Tony Huidor,  ‎Cinedigm Entertainment Tim Bertioli, Viceland TV Kaushik Basu, DSPORT Dave Alworth, AMC Networks Heather Killen, H&C TV Dinesh Singh, CTO, NDTV Ashok Shenoy, B4U Networks

The time to market was extremely quick with Amagi cloud playout platform. We were able to launch our first broadcast quality channel with in a matter of weeks

Tony Huidor, ‎Cinedigm Entertainment

Moving to Amagi has provided us an opportunity to scale up faster, and more effectively.

Tim Bertioli, Viceland TV

Amagi's cloud managed services helped us launch a live sports channel with machine-learning driven automation.

Kaushik Basu, DSPORT

Using Amagi, we now have an increased offering of locally relevant programming.

Dave Alworth, AMC Networks

Using cloud-based solution from Amagi has made it commercially viable to serve specialized content in non-contiguous high value markets.

Heather Killen, H&C TV

Amagi's solution allowed us to monetize Middle East market without setting up separate satellite feed, or making changes to existing systems.

Dinesh Singh, CTO, NDTV

Amagi improved flexibility of our broadcast workflow, making it easy for us to deliver content relevant to each region while reducing OPEX and CAPEX.

Ashok Shenoy, B4U Networks

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