Automated playout management services

The manual nature of traditional playout management systems has led to increased complexity in the entire workflow. While using the traditional system, important yet recurrent tasks need to be performed manually, leading to a resource crunch. For example, detecting blank frames in live playout, or managing schedules are manual tasks that require continuous manual monitoring. Using the traditional model, a specialist needs to be engaged full-time to perform these tasks. Apart from the resource, there are other challenges of manual nature of playout.


  • Manual processes, demanding deployment of additional resources
  • Inability to respond dynamically to demands of new media platforms
  • Time-lag due to silos in the broadcast workflow
  • Need to invest in physical infrastructure for playout monitoring
  • Possibility of manual errors during QC

How Amagi is making broadcast simpler with cloud-based, automated playout management

The broadcast system designed by Amagi uses pattern recognition, and automated rule-based validation to ensure that playout is error-free. Amagi is also integrating machine-learning capabilities with the system to make it future-ready. The automated system can be deployed for key parts of the playout workflow, including scheduling, QC, and playout monitoring.

How it works

Scheduling automation

Traditionally, scheduling has been completely manual process, involving meticulous version management of the schedules. With Amagi’s cloud-based system, schedules can be created automatically with heuristics from the program grid. The system can use the tags, to identify and prepare schedule using the pre-defined rules. For example, an afternoon slot can be defined as ‘re-runs’, and the segments to be played in the slot could be tagged as ‘re-run’. The system can then intelligently build the schedule for afternoon, also integrating the ad-schedules received from the agencies. Amagi can also enable validation of schedule and detect anomalies such as mismatch in duration. Last, but not the least, the system can perform deeper, more intelligent tasks such as content rights conformance.

Real-time QC and playout validation

Amagi’s automation system is not limited to just pre-transmission content and schedule processing. The system can detect anomalies such as blank frames in live playout real-time, and perform validation of playout against schedule through fingerprint matching of assets. Amagi’s patented watermark, or cue-tones can be used to automate switching in and out from live events. It’s even possible to validate channel logos, and live subtitle or AV sync.

Advanced monitoring with look ahead playout

Amagi can perform both ‘As transmitted’ (Tx), and ‘As received’ monitoring 24/7. To prevent any errors in the actual playout, Amagi can even create the unique ‘look-ahead’ playout. Amagi’s system builds the playout identical to the actual playout 6-12 hour ahead of transmission. This way, any errors can be predicted and nullified without any possible impact on the final broadcast.


  • Elimination of manual errors
  • Improved timelines and broadcast SLAs
  • Value-addition with cross-platform, seamless experience
  • Reduction in CAPEX and OPEX
  • Complete transparency on playout status
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