Live broadcast software-based MCR Services

Even with high proliferation of internet streaming, viewers prefer live linear experience when it comes to sports broadcast. However live sports broadcast workflow has become extremely complicated today, due to global deliver requirements. In depth knowledge of the sporting event as well as technological advancement to foster collaboration is vital to deliver better user experience without compromising commercial mandates.

Challenges for TV Networks Using Traditional TV Channel Software

  • Globally dispersed sporting event coverage
  • Additional resources required for skilled live event management
  • Lack of transparency in a managed playout services model
  • Need to collaborate with subject matter experts globally

Why traditional broadcaster software-based MCR services are not reliable

Traditional softwares for live MCR are highly dependent on large physical infrastructure. Additionally, these softwares cannot be accessed by a TV network in a managed playout service model, thus forcing them to rely on playout service provider’s reports.

Cloud-native playout software – Future TV technology for broadcast solutions

A cloud playout software resolves the biggest challenge faced by TV networks today. An MCR that uses the cloud-native web UI as backend, can be easily accessed by the TV networks. This way, the broadcaster can easily find out the exact status of playout, what’s being played out, and how effective is the management of live sporting event by the MCR team.

Benefits of cloud playout based MCR

  • Remote and centralized management of all sporting events
  • Improved transparency of playout operations
  • Cost optimization with elimination of physical infrastructure

Amagi’s Live Monitoring Services for MCR Automation

Amagi’s live events team takes care of the actual broadcast. The team works round the clock in three or four shifts to ensure maximum productivity. Amagi’s MCR experts undertake complex functions such as connecting with the satellite with input from the TV network, and orchestrating live switch on. The team follows direct inputs of the director to go in to spontaneous ad-breaks, and to switch back to live. For non-spontaneous sporting events, the team follows the breaks playlist shared by the channel, and switches back to live after completing desired quota of ad fills.

Live broadcast services offered by Amagi

  • Live Switch On
  • Spontaneous Ad-breaks based on director’s commentary
  • Playlist-based Ad-breaks for non-spontaneous sports
  • Live Switch off

What Makes Amagi’s MCR Unique

  • Automated notification system
  • Advanced preparation of playout with ‘look ahead playout’
  • 24/7, multi-level (L1, L2, L3) support with JIRA ticketing system

Getting started

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