Managed OTT
Ad Monetization Services

End-to-end monetization infrastructure and services for OTT operators and platforms

Services Overview

Amagi’s managed OTT ad monetization service is a unique one-stop-shop for OTT operators and platforms to manage their entire ad monetization infrastructure and operations. The service bundles THUNDERSTORM, Amagi’s world-class server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technology with automation and 24x7 support.

The service supports server-side ad insertion for live, linear and VOD content. been designed to consider concurrency needs, CDN integrations, and multi-device support across connected TVs and mobile devices.


  • Enhanced system performance due to single instrumented manifest
  • Supports multiple ad network configurations
  • Up to 99.999% SLA and 24x7 support
  • Remote access to manage from any location


Amagi’s managed OTT ad monetization service packs in several technology features that make it a one-of-its-kind full service offering in the industry. The service is tailored for platform needs supporting aspects such as health of incoming content (live, linear, and VOD), SSAI uptime and system issues, ad server efficiencies, and edge device/CDN issues that hamper service quality.


Does Amagi’s managed OTT ad monetization service support Connected TV platforms

Yes, Amagi supports ad insertion services on Connected TV platforms. In fact, in situations where early implementation of HLS-based Connected TV platforms do not support time-based discontinuity (TBD) on streams, it’s challenging for most SSAI systems to insert ads. Amagi’s managed service has a unique re-timestamping workflow for ad-serving, which automatically makes the stream a time-continuous event during ad insertions. This enables the platform to provide a uniform experience across all edge devices including Connected TV platforms.

Does Amagi serve personalized manifest files to edge devices?

No, Amagi serves a single instrumented manifest to all devices, where the manifest has redirections for ad segments.

For those OTT platforms that run programmatic advertising, is separate ad server required?

No, Amagi supports extensive ad network configurations dynamically and doesn’t require separate ad servers to enable programmatic advertising.

Can Amagi THUNDERSTORM platform be licensed without subscribing to managed services?

Yes, Amagi THUNDERSTORM platform can be licensed without services layer for delivering server-side ad insertions on live, linear and VOD content.