Playout Software for broadcast automation

Amagi CLOUDPORT playout system can help you launch channels cost-effectively and reduce
manual errors by enabling playout automation

Playout Software for broadcast automation

Why CLOUDPORT is better than free playout software?

Free playout softwares may help you launch a channel without incurring any CAPEX, but in the long run, you may end up spending higher on indirect costs. For example, the cost of channel outages, additional personnel needed for managing the manual processes, and aftermath of a security breach can lead to heavy penalties. Amagi CLOUDPORT on the other hand provides best-in-class playout system at extremely competitive prices and helps you automate crucial processes, thereby reducing the timelines for launch while improving SLAs. Additionally, CLOUDPORT offers broadcast-grade TV playout software at fraction of traditional broadcast system costs. It can support a wide range of audio, video, and graphics formats to deliver SD/HD or UHD playout.

Should you choose the cloud playout software over an on-premises playout system?

Broadcast technology evolution in the last few years has led way from on-premises playout servers being virtualized. However, the latency issue has prevented major networks from moving operations to the cloud so far. To tackle this, Amagi has engineered a highly available cloud playout solution that provides a ‘near playout’ experience with lowest latency possible. Amagi’s broadcast playout software has been designed to be transparent, easy to use, and automated.

Amagi CLOUDPORT supports a wide gamut of content formats, and transport methods, and can be easily configured for your existing playout system. Lastly, cloud-based nature of Amagi CLOUDPORT makes it the best playout software for TV channels seeking out flexible terms for playout. Using CLOUDPORT, Channels can be spun up and spun down instantly, which helps in exploring new markets and controlling the operational costs.

Advantages of cloud-based playout software

  • Automated playout
  • More transparent processes and dashboards
  • Better SLAs with 99.999% up time
  • More responsive playout system
  • Flexible playout fees
  • Highly secure system with enterprise-grade encryption
  • On-premises-like ‘near-playout’ experience on web

Know more about advantages of using cloud-based playout software.

Broadcast-grade TV playout software on cloud

CLOUDPORT playout software offers some of the most advanced automation and operation features that are already being used by leading TV and OTT networks such as Turner, Vice Media, Cinedigm, and DSPORTS by Discovery Communications. Amagi’s playout software flawlessly handles live requirements, delivers SD/HD/ 4k UHD content, and can be configured for automated, multi-layered graphics using the metadata. The advanced graphics features of CLOUDPORT help TV networks create a rich, dynamic experience with full-screen graphics, Digital Video Effects (DVE), and Social Media integration. It can help TV channels offer more engaging advertising solutions with graphics such as L-Band, Aston Band, or PIP effects for in-broadcast advertising.

The multichannel capabilities of the playout software make it possible to simultaneously support multiple channels in the same dashboard. CLOUDPORT also provides extensive support for multiple playlist formats and facilitates automated scheduling to ensure faster, more efficient operations. Compared to traditional video playout software, Amagi offers far wider range of content formats, and can be deployed with unmatched flexibility.

As far as security is concerned, CLOUDPORT’s security policies offer enterprise-grade protection from unlawful access, and malicious attacks, making it the best playout software in terms of content security. Know more about security offered by Amagi’s playout system.

Playout automation software use cases

CLOUDPORT’s automation software can be used by smaller content owners as well as large TV networks. Given below are various use cases that can be addressed by using Amagi’s playout system.

Centralized channel management using cloud-based playout system

CLOUDPORT’s web-UI allows centralized management of cross-continent channels. The playout software can be accessed in a secure way by multiple third-parties such as ad agencies, and broadcast distributors. Final schedules can be prepared easily and integrated using playout automation features of CLOUDPORT for improved collaboration.

Customer Story: VICELAND manages multiple channels in three continents with 75% reduction in costs compared to alternative solution, using CLOUDPORT playout software. Know more about why CLOUDPORT was the best playout system for VICELAND’s requirement.

Best playout software to launch digital-first channels

Amagi allows digital-first companies to get into linear channel distribution very affordably without heavy CAPEX. CLOUDPORT’s ability to integrate third-party platforms and services such as Twitch, and pre-stitched solutions for delivery to vMVPD platforms, make it the most versatile playout software.

Customer Story: Cinedigm launched a lean-back linear channel on Twitch platform with custom API integration for advertising, as well as support for occasional live events. Know why Cinedigm chose CLOUDPORT as their playout system.

Using cloud playout software to scale up global operations

Amagi’s playout system is ideal for launching multiple channels across continents at accelerated time-frames. All the content can be moved to cloud, and stored as per the requirement, and CLOUDPORT’s playout software interface can be used to manage the feeds centrally. The playout software can be used to easily configure multiple feeds, define playlists, and to monitor all feeds without having large physical infrastructure.

Customer Story: PTC has signed a 15-channel deal to transition all current operations to cloud playout software, and launch eight new channels with Amagi. Read full story.

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