Cloud playout for ‘Digital First’ Networks

Cloud playout for ‘Digital First’ Networks

Over-the-top content consumption is in a golden age with rise of affordable smartphones, 5G, and ever growing global content generation. One of the biggest challenge faced by ‘Digital First’/Post-Cable Networks (PCNs) today is seamlessly delivering linear channel and VOD content to vMVPD platforms such as Twitch, Amazon Prime, PlayStation™ Vue, YouTube TV, and Verizon. Integrating with multiple OTT platforms, and managing the entire process in a user-friendly way can help content providers capitalize on massive OTT content demand worldwide.

Spin-off linear channels on the cloud with Amagi CLOUDPORT

CLOUDPORT is a cloud-managed, next-generation channel playout platform. It can be used to deliver broadcast-grade live linear channels and VOD content to virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (vMVPDs). It is pre-integrated with multiple vMVPDs, which makes it ideal for ‘Digital First’ content creators and Post Cable Networks (PCNs). If you have the content, Amagi will help you launch linear channels as an end-to-end service.

Feature Highlights

  • True cloud playout: Launch broadcast-grade linear channels on the fly in just hours
  • PaaS based: Pay-as-you-go model with Zero CAPEX, and low OPEX
  • End-to-end service: 24x7 managed service across ingest, playout, delivery and monitoring
  • Broadcast-grade live management: Simultaneously deliver live events to multiple platforms with frame-accurate switching
  • Automated scheduling: Generate playlist automatically based on scheduling grid and break patterns
  • Automated graphics: Use templates to dynamically update playout graphics and display information for VOD
  • VOD delivery: Deliver VOD assets to vMVPD using cloud-managed automated delivery workflows
  • Dynamic formats: Dynamically normalize all assets to desired resolution and aspect ratio
  • Analytics dashboard: Gain insights on viewership across devices, geographies, and specific programs
  • 24x7 monitoring: Advanced monitoring support with industry standard SLAs

Client Speak
“Managing linear channel playout and delivering video content across a multitude of vMVPDs, poses significant operational challenges for content providers from both a cost and workflow perspective. We are excited to partner with Amagi for their cloud broadcast expertise, thereby reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies.” - Erick Opeka, EVP, Cinedigm Networks.

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