Digital first linear Channel delivery to OTT platforms

Linear content which has until now been central to traditional TV is fast emerging as an important lever for ‘digital first’ media companies. However, moving from a predominantly ‘VOD only’ model to creating linear channels is a challenging shift for ‘digital first’ enterprises due to the inherent consumer expectations. They need to provide a rich TV-like experience – including multi-layer graphics, dynamic tune-in information, live shows, and an accurate EPG. Additionally, diverse hand-off requirements from OTT platforms as well as multiple redundant deliveries required for EPG make linear channel creation challenging.

A leader in cloud-based broadcast solutions, Amagi understands the business dynamics of the ‘digital first’ industry, weaving flexibility, scalability, and reliability into its solutions. Amagi’s 24x7 managed service makes it easier for ‘digital first’ media companies to create a linear TV offering, distribute content to any OTT platform globally in a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ PaaS model.

Pre-integrated delivery with leading OTT platforms

To make it easier and faster to distribute linear OTT channels worldwide, Amagi has partnered with leading OTT platforms with pre-integrated and duly tested content delivery frameworks. This way, ‘digital first’ companies can spin-up new channels on the cloud, readily launch on popular OTT platforms and reach consumers.

Pre-integrated delivery with leading OTT platforms

Advanced playout and linear channel creation

Amagi uses its award-winning cloud playout platform, CLOUDPORT, to spin-up broadcast-grade live linear OTT channels in a fully virtualized public cloud infrastructure such as AWS. CLOUDPORT offers unmatched efficiency across the entire broadcast workflow - content ingest, scheduling, playlist management, advanced graphics insertion, live events handling, playout, delivery, and remote monitoring.

Key Benefits:
  • Broadcast grade, cable TV like viewing experience
  • Advanced scheduling tool for linear channel creation
  • High availability with 99.999% SLA
  • Advanced scheduling tool for linear channel creation
  • 24x7 monitoring and management

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