Automated graphics scheduling

As rich display such as 4K UHD, and HD becomes the norm, TV networks may want to enrich the viewing experience with rich graphics. However, playing multiple dynamic graphics, both for live or recorded content, can be challenging. In addition, the frequency, and speed required for flawless transmission of graphics can result in needless outages.

Why graphics scheduling is challenging

  • Graphics scheduling and playlist generation is a manual, and laborious process
  • Schedulers spend a long time, close to a day to generate playlist per channel
  • The playlist must be republished again and again due to manual errors
  • The entire process must be repeated every time, irrespective of the content

How Amagi’s automated graphics solutions can help

Amagi’s automated graphics solution can automatically schedule promos, interstitials, and commercials, based on preconfigured rules. The scheduling team can specify rules such as scheduling a promo graphic X number of times in a given day, week, month, or scheduling the promos between certain start and end dates. This way, the scheduling team has to only specify rules once for the foreseeable future, and oversee the automatically generated playlist. The automated graphics scheduling can save hundreds of man hours, and eliminate the need to edit, and republish the schedule multiple times, thereby reducing the probability of any manual errors.

How it works

Process of Rule Creation for graphics scheduling

  • Configure the rules for promos, idents, etc.
  • Provide FPC (Fixed Programming Charts) for any number of days
  • Provide necessary metadata along with assets
  • Automatically generate playlist for a number of days across channels

What kind of rules be specified for automated graphics scheduling

TV Networks can customize the rules for automated graphics scheduling as per their needs. For example, a shopping channel can set a rule for the promotional banners that may appear at fixed intervals during any segment. On the other hand, a GEC channels could create a rule to automatically play now, next, later slate before the end of commercials segment. Given below are some examples of possible graphic scheduling rules.

  • Schedule graphics between given start and end dates
  • Schedule certain graphics X number of times per day/week/month
  • Schedule latest version of graphics
  • Do not schedule graphics for certain program segments
  • Schedule graphics before or after certain program segments.

Benefits of Automated Graphics Scheduling

  • Faster graphic scheduling and playlist generation
  • Reduction in manual errors
  • Improved productivity with minimal human intervention

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