Simplifying channel programming with a lightweight content scheduling platform

Effective content planning and scheduling platform for streaming TV and broadcast TV

Media content planning and scheduling has been a pain point for both traditional broadcasters and 'digital first' broadcasting companies. Traditional broadcasters have largely relied on complex broadcast scheduling and traffic systems, whereas 'digital first' companies seldom have access to such complex software, forcing them to plan and schedule their content and media assets manually into playout systems.

Amagi PLANNER is a simple content planning and scheduling platform that is a lightweight alternative to a full-fledged traffic system. Amagi PLANNER makes content planning and scheduling for both broadcast TV and streaming TV easy and efficient.

The Scheduler can input rules to create schedule patterns, easily create an EPG across multiple days in just a few clicks and then export it to CLOUDPORT. The platform provides a multitude of features catering to the workflow of the Scheduler to allow for easy scheduling of different types of media assets. Currently, the platform is available for all Amagi CLOUDPORT cloud playout customers


  • Cost-effective solution relative to traditional scheduling and traffic solutions
  • Create and export EPG in a reduced timeframe
  • Make content planning and scheduling easy and intuitive
  • Use web UI for ‘on the go’ content planning and scheduling
  • Direct integration with Amagi CLOUDPORT channel playout platform

How Amagi PLANNER works?

Select Content
Select Content

Metadata is sourced from the content owner and ingested into Amagi PLANNER. The content manager pane in Amagi Planner displays the media metadata along with the program hierarchy to help the Scheduler select the right media to schedule in the calendar.

Create program schedule
Create program schedule

Program schedule or EPG is created across multiple days along with scheduling patterns like daily, only weekends or any specific custom pattern. Program repeat timing is provided to ease EPG creation.

Export EPG
Export EPG

Amagi PLANNER is integrated with CLOUDPORT. The EPG output from Amagi Planner is exported to CLOUDPORT where it can viewed as a daywise playlist with segment information and auto-scheduled ad breaks.





What is Amagi PLANNER?

Amagi PLANNER is a content planning and scheduling tool and enables content schedulers to create a programme guide in an efficient manner.

Can I provide scheduling rules to schedule my episodic content across multiple days?

Absolutely! Through Amagi PLANNER, you can schedule horizontally across multiple days or vertically i.e., in a ‘binge watch’ back-to-back mode. You can define scheduling patterns like daily, weekends only, or specific custom patterns. You can also provide repeat times so that EPG creation becomes easier.

Can Amagi PLANNER be integrated with other channel playout management systems?

Currently, it can only be integrated with CLOUDPORT, Amagi’s channel playout platform

Can I do ads/ promos/ graphic scheduling through Amagi PLANNER?

No. Amagi PLANNER is used for creating the EPG i.e., scheduling at a program level. We have an auto scheduling algorithm that will take the EPG exported from Amagi PLANNER and displays it in the CLOUDPORT playlist with all the segment information along with breaks. The scheduler can thus use CLOUDPORT edit playlist feature only for all the fine tuning i.e., advertisement, promo and graphic scheduling.

How much does Amagi PLANNER cost?

Please contact our sales team for enquiries