Orchestrate live events at multiple locations on cloud


CLOUDPORT -LIVE is an end-to-end, cloud-based, live orchestration platform. It can help content creators and broadcasters spin-up live channels instantly and orchestrate broadcast-grade content on the go. CLOUDPORT -LIVE can be deployed with ease, and is capable of ingesting multi-source, multi-protocol content. Since the platform is completely cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere, using the web dashboard with multiple operation modes.

The ganged control feature, and scalability of CLOUDPORT -LIVE makes it the most versatile live orchestration platform available today. It can be used to manage a single channel, multiple channels with different ads and graphics playlists for the same breaks. This reduces need for multiple human live control operators per event and dramatically brings down cost of both infrastructure and operations.

With an ability to spin-up broadcast-grade live channels in minutes, CLOUDPORT -LIVE offers the most economical, and flexible solution to cover large events, mid-tier content, or even local events such as college sports.


  • Cost-effective live orchestration on cloud
  • Broadcast-grade quality with low-latency
  • Ganged-control with multi-feed orchestration
  • Rich metadata capture for downstream interactivity

What can you use CLOUDPORT LIVE for

Broadcast- grade rendering of live sports
Broadcast- grade rendering of live sports

Create a rich, live experience with broadcast-grade graphics, and manage multiple events in parallel by dynamically spinning -up virtual infrastructure.

Centralized ‘ganging’ control for advertising
Centralized ‘ganging’ control for advertising

Create event templates for efficiently handling multiple event parameters such as ad durations, and frequency or exact slots for ads during the event.

Creating innovative broadcast experience with intent capture
Creating innovative broadcast experience with intent capture

Create intent-based, programmable actions such as playing specific graphics mapped to predetermined mini-events during the game.




Does Amagi’s solution include migration support?

Yes. Amagi’s onboarding team takes care of all ingest, and asset-level requirements to customize the solution. Amagi also coordinates with delivery hubs, uplink centres, and other delivery partners such as Zixi.

Is your cloud playout currently being used by any sports channel?

Amagi’s playout platform has been used by global sports networks such as IMG EdgeSPORT , DSPORT by Discovery Communications, Horse and Country TV, Sports Illustrated among others.

Do you support any platform-specific customizations for OTT channels?

Yes. Amagi can support customization requests, and even provide technical solutions to challenges such as unique ad-serving methodologies used by platforms such as Twitch, XUMO, Roku, and others.

How many destination playouts can be controlled using ‘ganging’?

Amagi supports 1:1, 1:K, and 1:N configurations for live orchestration, and CLOUDPORT -LIVE could technically be deployed for any number of live delivery destinations.

What is included in an ‘event’ template?

Event parameters are configurable. However, event duration, breaks duration, and graphics structure form the crux of any standard event.

What is an intent-capturing system and how does it work?

Amagi’s CLOUDPORT -LIVE platform is a new-age intent-capturing system that can be deployed to execute a series of tasks that make up a live broadcast. For example, a sports broadcaster could have an intent to allocate ad breaks only in the middle of the sporting event such as soccer. In this case, this intent is captured in the CLOUDPORT -LIVE system, and executed by CLOUDPORT playout systems ‘subscribing’ to this event.

What else can Amagi’s live orchestration solution be used for apart from ad-breaks and graphics?

Currently Amagi’s solution supports customized graphics, and ad-breaks, but has been designed to support contextual interactivity such as online polls, and player-cards.

Does Amagi provide 24x7 monitoring support as part of the live orchestration solution?

Yes, Amagi provides infrastructure monitoring for all channels as part of the support, and Amagi’s playout management team notifies the customer for any transmission issues. A fully managed monitoring service is also provided by Amagi as an add-on.

What live formats does Amagi support?

Amagi supports multiple live ingest formats including IP stream, SDI, or ASI. Content can be ingested directly on cloud, or on Edge servers installed at operator premises.

How reliable is Amagi’s solution for live transmission?

Amagi can support a highly secure, redundant set-up to ensure greater reliability for edge playout set-up. For true-cloud playout, Amagi relies on enterprise-grade, highly ‘available’, cloud infrastructure providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.

I have to deliver my feed to vMVPDs like Amazon Prime Video, Sling and others. Can you deliver?

Yes, Amagi can deliver channels to popular vMVPD platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, Sling, XUMO, Roku, Twitch, Verizon, Sony PlayStation Vue, Philo TV and others.

What SLAs can Amagi guarantee?

Amagi can guarantee the best-in-class playout SLA of up to 99.999 percent. In case of an end-to-end playout and delivery service, distribution SLAs may vary based on the choice of satellite or fiber supplier. Amagi also guarantees resolution of critical issues within one hour and 1+1 redundant playout configuration.