Case Study

Enabling shopping channels to track sales contribution by individual operators

ACJ was keen to track sales contributions from individuals operator headends, measure and compare their response rate. This meant that at each operator level, sales enquiry phone numbers, supporting graphics had to be customized. ACJ needed a playout solution capable of delivering such automated graphics in high number for each program. The graphics included phone numbers, logos, sales promos, DTI permit information, and Now/Next icons. Owing to the high density of graphics played for each content asset, ACJ required a playout solution that could automate the graphics and play them accurately at intervals it provided.

Traditional playout and delivery would have resulted in inflated infrastructure and operational costs, and duplication of content workflows in order to customize the channel at both its operator headends. Also, centralized management for both headends would have been difficult if separate satellite feeds were to be set up.

Download the case study to know how Amagi helped with automated graphics scheduling to play nearly 100 graphics, customized for each operator head end to identify sales traffic and contribution.

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