Case Study

Broadcasting college sports to multiple affiliates Over-The-Air using cloud

College sports, especially Basketball and Ice-hockey,have a massive following in the United States. The challenge for Amagi’s customer was streamlining the input from multiple ad-hoc live sources. These live streams had to be integrated within the schedule of non-live programs.

Additionally, these live feeds carried their own ads, which had to be replaced with ads sourced by the customer. Another key requirement was recording of live events for future ad schedule. Finally, the customer wanted to deliver the feeds to multiple station affiliates, as well as IPTV and OTT platforms. The customer needed an end-to-end solution that gave them flexibility, scalability and significant cost advantage.

Download the case study to understand how Amagi set up CLOUDPORT, a cloud-based broadcast platform for the customer at a fraction of existing satellite broadcast costs.Amagi streamlined the sourcing of live feeds from multiple sources,by downlinking them at an Amagi-supported datacenter. With CLOUDPORT, Amagi helped the customer reach their audience through IP-based delivery to 45 headends across United States, as well as to major OTT providers.

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