Launching a VOD platform? Get these right first

Given its massive popularity, having a Video On-Demand (VOD) offering is indispensable for content owners. Doesn’t matter if you are a gigantic name in the industry or someone small, just starting out—VOD is critical for your success.

The most critical pre-requirement to launch a VOD offering is—understanding your audiences.

A deep understanding of the technology involved comes second. Two must-have principal elements for a VOD are:

  • Good content discovery
  • Getting the right content to the right audience

If you’re a content owner planning to take the VOD route, you must first master the art of pleasing your viewers. Second, you move towards getting a technology partner who can provide you end-to-end content management solutions.

Throwing some light on how content brands can go about creating and monetizing their VOD presence, Baskar Subramanian, Co-founder & CEO, Amagi says, “Linear is a great way to kick-start your monetization strategy. It’s the fastest way for content to get discovered. And there are regular ad breaks, already data mined, so you see a flow of revenue coming in pretty fast.”

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