Case Study

Optimizing costs with customized promo graphics

Homeshop18 was being delivered to five regions across India, with a single contact number. The call-center set-up by the channel had to start each call by asking their customers to confirm the location. Without this information, it would have been difficult to determine the region-wise sales distribution. The existing process was cumbersome, and resulted in varying levels of customer satisfaction.Additionally, Homeshop18 wanted the ability to customize product displays, and offers to create more targeted campaigns. This would have also enabled them to run seasonal campaigns, applicable only to specific regions, without disclosing the offers to other regions.

Amagi set up STORM, an intelligent IRD at each station affiliate.Graphics to be displayed at the headend were sent through cloud to the IRD in advance. Homeshop18 team could remotely play graphics using the web interface, in real-time, or program them to be played as per schedule.

Download the case study to understand, how Amagi's STORM enabled HomeShop18 with data driven operations, customer delight and targeted promotions.

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