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On-premises content ingest

Content can be provided in original format (Eg: IMX 30 / MOV etc). Assets in original format shall be transcoded to TX ready format and transported to the Cloud using fast file transfer mechanism.

Content ingest to the Cloud can be done easily using watch folder- based access or API integration with the Customer’s MAM.

On-premises content ingest


  • Automated alerts for missing assets
  • Accelerated file transfer to cloud
  • Upload assets at last minutes
  • Upload assets using priority ques
  • Ingest live in multiple formats
Mezzanine ingest with
cloud transcoding

Transcode assets directly on the cloud in the mezzanine format and ingest transcoded assets on the cloud.

Mezzanine ingest with cloud transcoding


  • Supports third party scheduling systems
  • Auto-scaling enabled cloud transcoding to handle sudden influx
  • Ingest incoming live content using IP Stream
  • Notifications for missing assets or playlist errors
Direct MXF ingest

Directly ingest transmission-ready assets in MXF format without any transcoding.

Direct MXF ingest


  • No need of transcoding
  • Missing asset notification and automated validation
  • Ingest live from satellite or IP sources
  • Web UI to see the status of assets and playout

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Content and Schedule 
preparation – All Amagi

Prepare ingested content for transmission, and create final presentation schedule.

Content and Schedule preparation – All Amagi


  • Automated file QC
  • Lowres proxy used for manual QC
  • Five-point manual QC
  • Schedule validation
Content and Schedule 
preparation - ML-based

Prepare content and schedule using machine-learning and advanced automation.

Content and Schedule preparation -  ML-based


  • Faster processing of content
  • Fewer manual errors due to automated validation
  • Cost-saving with minimum human intervention
Content and Schedule 
preparation – Third party

Integrate with third-party tools and service providers for content preparation and playlist integration.

Content and Schedule preparation – Third party


  • Share low resolution proxy for QC, subtitles, and dubbing
  • Integrate the break schedule coming from third-party ad providers
  • Seamlessly store the subtitles and audio files from third-party vendors
  • Web UI to see the status of assets and playout

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Edge playout with 
remote management

Move assets and schedule from cloud to the playout server deployed at the edge, manage and monitor the playout remotely.

Edge playout with remote management


  • Replaces multiple satellite requirements
  • Central management of multiple feeds
  • Up to 50% cost-saving compared to traditional playout
  • Efficient channel workflow and unified web UI
True cloud playout 
and delivery

Run a fully cloud-based playout and deliver output in multiple formats.

True cloud playout and delivery


  • Reduce costs
  • Deliver to traditional operators as well as new age vMVPD platforms
  • Monetize with API integration for OTT platforms
  • Spin-up and spin-down resources automatically to handle fluctuating volumes
  • Fully cloud-based with all parts of value-chain stitched on the cloud
Regionalized playout 
with remote management

Deliver channels with region-specific content, ads, or graphics using CLOUDPORT playout server and STORM (IRD).

Regionalized playout with remote management


  • Remote management of local content insertions
  • Manage local ads without creating additional satellite feeds
  • Address regulatory compliance with content masking
  • Frame-accurate replacement of content using patented watermark technology
VOD Delivery 
and Transformation

Deliver VOD assets to multiple platforms.

VOD Delivery and Transformation


  • Centralized asset delivery status and summary reports through web UI
  • Delivery to multiple vMVPD platforms
  • Missing assets and QC notifications
  • Dynamic scalability with cloud-based solution to handle high volumes

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Linear TV distribution

Linear TV distribution



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