Linear and
VOD Content Delivery

Create broadcast-grade channels on digital platforms

Channel creation and VOD delivery solution for Post-cable networks

For new-age post-cable networks (PCNs), trying to re-create TV-like experiences for the millennial generation, Amagi provides a holistic OTT content publishing solution. Based on Amagi’s award-winning cloud playout platform, CLOUDPORT, Amagi’s solution is already being used for content delivery to leading vMVPD platforms.

Customer Icons


  • Cloud-native, with pay-as-you-go model
  • Broadcast-grade quality and functionalities
  • Pre-integrated and tested for delivery to leading vMVPDs
  • Highly automated, with simple web-based dashboard

Application Areas

True cloud linear playout
True cloud linear playout

Amagi’s post-cable network solution is fully cloud-based and uses secure public cloud to move and process media assets, playlists, and graphics. Entire media processing, content QC, and playlist validation is performed using autoscaled cloud services. Central automation unit of Amagi CLOUDPORT brings everything together to create a linear stream that can be handed off to multiple vMVPDs.

Deliver VOD content
Deliver VOD content

Amagi’s solution can also be used to deliver broadcast quality assets and metadata directly to the OTT video platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and others. Amagi CLOUDPORT can even record live feeds, and provide catch-up video service to seamlessly ensure availability of recorded live programs.



Amagi works with third-party suppliers, platforms, and delivery partners to stitch together the entire solution.


Amagi’s onboarding team helps you transition your entire infrastructure to CLOUDPORT platform, with dedicated support and ticket management for any transitional issues.


Does Amagi’s solution include migration support?

Yes. Amagi’s onboarding team takes care of all ingest, and asset-level requirements to customize the solution. Amagi also coordinates with delivery partners such as AWS, and Zixi, as well as performs due diligence for delivery to platforms such as Twitch, Sling, XUMO, among others.

Does Amagi provide 24x7 monitoring support as part of the solution?

Yes, Amagi provides infrastructure monitoring for all channels as part of the support, and Amagi’s playout management team notifies the customer for any asset quality issues. A fully managed monitoring service is also provided by Amagi as an add-on.

What aspects of the workflow are covered under Amagi’s solution?

Amagi’s solution includes content ingest, storage, and QC, as well as infrastructure monitoring, and signal transmission. The solution also enables services such as automated playlist validation as part of the playout platform.

I have several thousand hours of content. Can Amagi help me start a channel?

Yes, Amagi can certainly help you start a channel. Please get in touch with our sales team for recommendations on ideal destination platforms for your content.

Can Amagi monetize my content for me?

Amagi’s OTT ad monetization service offering is focused on helping content owners monetize better. Please get in touch with our sales team to learn how it can help you.

Can Amagi publish a linear channel on my website?

Amagi’s service is configurable for delivery to any destination, however the exact process of publishing on your own website can only be determined after a technology audit from Amagi’s OTT publishing experts.

Does Amagi have a local office we can contact in case of emergencies?

Amagi has offices in UK, USA, Asia, and Southeast Asia. Amagi’s centralized playout monitoring centre can be reached 24x7 across time zones.

How does Amagi ensure content security for my assets and signal?

Amagi has a well-established security framework based on enterprise-grade cloud security, and best-practices for broadcast-grade security. Know more about Amagi’s security policies.

What SLAs can you guarantee?

Amagi can guarantee best-in-class SLA of up to 99.999%. In case of an end-to-end playout and delivery service, distribution SLAs may vary based on the choice of IP delivery network. Amagi also guarantees resolution of critical issues within one hour and 1+1 redundant playout configuration.

Can I opt for only the CLOUDPORT platform and use my existing delivery contracts?

Yes, Amagi can integrate with your existing delivery network and facilitate delivery of your channel to desired destination.