Deep dive into targeted advertising on streaming TV

  • Are questions on targeted ad technology and innovations wracking your brain?
  • Intrigued by the growing interest in Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) on streaming TV platforms?
  • Wondering why SSAI is gaining increased preference over Client Side Ad Insertion (CSAI)?
  • And how about keeping your audiences happy with an unintrusive ad experience? 

Just tune into the latest webinar from StreamTV Ad Summit and find all the right answers and sharp insights!

OTT Ad Insertion Models and Trends - A Deep Dive

Mike Woods, Head of Product and Ad Monetization, Amagi takes us through the ‘still young and growing’ world of targeted ad technology that’s shaping the streaming industry and monetization models. 

Along with other experts from the industry, Mike talks about the exciting ways in which SSAI is giving channel owners greater control on how they craft memorable viewing experiences for consumers. 

Watch this webinar and see how advertising on streaming and free ad supported streaming TV (FAST) is interestingly poised for more impact.

Mike Woods
Head of Product and Ad Monetization, Amagi
Olivier Karra
Cloud Solutions Marketing Director, Broadpeak
Abhishek Neralla
Director of Media Services, A+E Networks
Bob Waln
Portfolio Group Member, MediaKind
Jason Thibeault
Executive Director, Streaming Video Alliance

On Demand Webinar

Key topics covered
  • What is SSAI and how is it shaping the future of OTT and streaming TV?
  • Impact of CTV on advertising in the streaming industry
  • Advantages and challenges in SSAI vs CSAI
  • Impact of SSAI on latency and live content streaming
  • Ad quality, ad fraud, privacy protection and optimization of value
  • Advanced advertising and new ad formats
Recommended audience

Mid-senior level executives in TV broadcast industry, OTT and streaming TV industry, and content studios overseeing distribution, revenue generation, digital operations, professionals, analysts and journalists covering cloud, media and entertainment, and advertising verticals.