Everyone can enter the FAST lane

Ace your free ad supported TV strategy with Amagi

You could be an established broadcaster with a solid catalog of content. Or a smaller content owner with limited hours of content. No matter what the size of your video library, you can now spin up linear channels easily and quickly - and join the Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) universe - thanks to Amagi’s cloud playout solutions.

The global FAST narrative

The FAST market started gaining momentum from the growth of Connected TV (CTV).

  • About 60% of American households currently stream ad-supported content
  • Linear channels get about 98% total viewership hours through connected TV (CTVs)
  • There are over 200 million global CTV viewers
  • The estimated CTV ad spends are projected to hit US$ 27.5 bn by 2025

FAST and CTV are definitely riding the wave of increasing consumer appeal for ad supported content.

Many key players including Pluto TV, STIRR, Peacock, The Roku Channel, Rakuten, Samsung TV Plus, and Vizio recognize this potential and are rapidly expanding their offerings across the globe.

Tune in to the webinar on Ace your FAST content distribution strategy where Srinivasan KA, Co-founder, Amagi talks about everything content brands need to enter and thrive in the FAST lane.

On Demand Webinar

Key topics covered
  • The FAST landscape
  • Why take the FAST route
  • How to enter and thrive in the FAST lane