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Amagi AIRTIME - January 2024 Webinar

Draft Webinar 2

Draft Webinar 2

Webinar Test 2

FAST is experiencing phenomenal adoption and growth worldwide. While the United States continues to lead the pack with the highest adoption rate of 42%, APAC emerges as a hotbed of extensive growth, with 80% of the viewers preferring ad-supported content over ad-free subscriptions. LATAM and EMEA follow suit with a steady increase in ad impressions and Hours of Viewing (HoV). With this growth come opportunities for FAST services, content owners, and advertisers to explore ways to enhance viewership and maximize revenue.

A quick glance at data from Amagi THUNDERSTORM shows:

FAST Growth

Notable numbers from the October 2023 Amagi Consumer Survey: 

Consumer Survey

  • Paradox of Choice: About 70% of the respondents experience confusion about what to watch next
  • The hassle of content discovery: 55% of the survey respondents indicated they rely on browsing to discover content
  • Lack of ad stickiness: 81% of viewers prefer ignoring ads
  • Useful personalized recommendations:  50% of survey respondents find personalized recommendations and content suggestions on Connected TV (CTV) helpful

Replicating the cable TV model got FAST to where it is today. But is that enough? To overcome current challenges, FAST 2.0 is the way forward

 The report reveals how FAST 2.0 helps: 

  • Content owners and FAST platforms benefit from hyper-personalized content, localization, and improved content discoverability 
  • Advertisers succeed with personalized ads, improved ad loyalty, and reduced ad drop-offs 
  • Unlock the full potential of business returns for every stakeholder involved 
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FAST’s growth and CTV ad opportunities

The FASTMaster Gavin Bridge joins Amagi’s Siva Natarajan for a fireside chat to discuss key takeaways from Amagi’s latest FAST Report, including the steady shift in ad spend from Pay TV to CTV. You can view the full report here.



Siva Natarajan

SVP - Strategy & Business Operations


FASTMaster Gavin Bridge

VP, Media Research
CRG Global