LIVE in the Cloud: Technical arsenal you need to launch live sports and news channels

With everything moving to cloud, are you ready to launch on-the-go exceptional viewing experiences for your sports and news audiences? Do you wish to stand out from the rest while leveraging the latest cloud playout and dynamic ad insertion (DAI) technologies?

Tune in to the webinar on ‘Technical considerations for Live sports in the Cloud’ where Baskar Subramanian, Co-founder, Amagi, discusses along with industry experts, some key considerations for live streaming sports and news on the cloud. 

Baskar says, “The recent pandemic has led us to finding ways to perform all media operations in a remote environment. This has been a very critical requirement for all our clients.”

Baskar highlights the advantages of moving to the cloud, and the various technological and system considerations that you need to keep in mind.

Here’s why he urges you to consider migrating your media operations to the cloud:

  • Smooth remote operations
  • Minimum hardware requirements resulting in lower operational costs
  • Flexible/dynamic architecture 

Watch the webinar for more insights!

Cloud Strategy & Compression Solutions, BT
Co-founder, Amagi

On Demand Webinar

Key topics covered
  • Is public cloud ready for live?
  • News broadcast using cloud playout
  • Advantages of moving media functions to the cloud
  • Technical and system considerations
  • Operational requirements for taking live to the cloud