Meet Amagi at NABSHOW 2018

Meet Amagi at NABSHOW 2018

Amagi invites senior executives and broadcast industry professionals to experience its innovative cloud technologies at this year’s NABSHOW. Swing by our booth (#SU11706CM) in the South Upper Hall for an in-depth discussion with our experts on how cloud can transform your broadcast operations.

Cloud Playout and VOD Delivery

If you are a traditional TV network, content owner, or a Post-Cable Network (PCN), you can use Amagi's cloud platforms and services to launch new channels and transition existing ones to cloud. You can also use cloud technologies for "look ahead" playout up to six hours enabling you to catch potential playout errors before they go live.

  • Cloud playout - Spin up new channels on the cloud instantly, manage all workflows from any remote location, and deliver IP streams to operator headends, station affiliates and new-age virtual MVPD platforms
  • Edge playout -Use cloud to manage content, graphics, schedules and playlists, run the playout at the edge, deliver feeds through satellite, fiber or IP
  • VOD delivery - Create and deliver VOD content to OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime Video
  • Look ahead playout - Predict future errors in advance

Monetization Solutions

Be it traditional TV or OTT platforms, Amagi's targeted advertising solutions can help you generate additional revenues without investing in new infrastructure.

  • Auto ad detection - For vMVPDs, detect ads in incoming broadcast feeds in the absence of any ad markers, and replace them, enabling new ad revenue contribution
  • Personalized server-side ad insertion - Bypass client-side ad blockers and deliver targeted and personalized ads to OTT viewers in a scalable, reliable, and flexible manner
  • Ad localization - Insert local ads on traditional TV on a common satellite feed, supported by industry standard triggers such as SCTE, DTMF, Packet 31, and Amagi Watermark

Future Zone

Amagi will preview exciting new solutions that will redefine broadcast operations and content delivery.

  • Machine Learning-based VOD segmentation to create VOD assets with speed, cost-effectively
  • Advanced analytics for vMVPDs related to viewer data, ad impressions, fill rates, ad views among others
  • Live broadcast using cloud with end-to-end workflow managed using a simple Web UI
  • Launch a pop-up channel in 30 mins

Amagi is a next-generation media technology company that provides cloud broadcast and targeted advertising platforms to TV networks and OTT providers, globally. Amagi supports more than 80 feeds and has deployments in over 40 countries. Amagi is based in New York with global offices in Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, and an R&D center in Bangalore, India.

Amagi’s leadership team at NABSHOW 2018:

100+ feeds | 40 countries

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Tony Huidor,  ‎Cinedigm Entertainment Tim Bertioli, Viceland 獨立電視頻道 Kaushik Basu, DSPORT 運動頻道 Dave Alworth, AMC 美國有線電視台 Heather Killen, H&C TV 電視台 Dinesh Singh, 技術總監, NDTV 電視台 Ashok Shenoy, B4U 電視網絡

The time to market was extremely quick with Amagi cloud playout platform. We were able to launch our first broadcast quality channel with in a matter of weeks

Tony Huidor, ‎Cinedigm Entertainment


Tim Bertioli, Viceland 獨立電視頻道


Kaushik Basu, DSPORT 運動頻道


Dave Alworth, AMC 美國有線電視台


Heather Killen, H&C TV 電視台


Dinesh Singh, 技術總監, NDTV 電視台


Ashok Shenoy, B4U 電視網絡

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