Capture the FAST Advertising Opportunity with Amagi Ads Plus


As part of the industry’s leading operating system for free ad-supported streaming television (FAST), Amagi Ads Plus is uniquely positioned to help buyers and sellers maximize the value of premium CTV ad inventory.

CTV Advertisers

Reach audiences at scale while optimizing efficiency and impact. 

  • Unlock incremental reach: Direct and exclusive access to premium inventory from Amagi’s FAST partners. 
  • Improve control and transparency: Access to robust and accurate content metadata.
  • Engage audiences: Advanced ad insertion technology that supports a growing stable of innovative experiences.  
Content Owners

Maximize your monetization potential with real-time connections to leading advertisers.  

  • Access buyers at scale: Connect to thousands of leading advertisers in real-time.
  • Maximize the value of every minute: Contextual packaging and proprietary ad formats to drive increased monetization.
  • Profit on your terms: Transparent reporting, flexible deal terms, and a consultative team to compliment your monetization strategy. 

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