Environmental Sustainability Policy

Amagi understands the world faces environmental challenges and we are committed to doing our part to address these challenges and contribute to a more sustainable future. This Environmental Sustainability Policy provides an overview of our approach to integrating environmental sustainability considerations into our operations.

Sustainable Software Development

Amagi is committed to promoting sustainability in its software development processes and minimizing any negative impact of software development on the environment. Our approach involves promoting the use of energy-efficient hardware and software tools, implementing streamlined development processes, minimizing waste, encouraging responsible resource usage and supporting long-term sustainability. In addition, we are committed to working with partners that prioritize using renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Amagi is a leader in cloud playout solutions for customers of all sizes, from broadcasters to content creation partners. By moving playout to the cloud, Amagi enables customers to reduce their carbon footprint, removing the need for a resource intensive in-house infrastructure and leveraging low carbon footprint solutions on the cloud.
  • Amagi provides cloud agnostic solutions, allowing customers to choose the cloud that
    makes sense for their sustainability needs.

Sustainable Workspaces

Amagi is committed to creating workplaces that promote sustainability. Our headquarters was designed and built out using environmentally responsible building materials, incorporating natural lighting and ventilation, and promoting the use of green spaces in and around the workplace. We also make recycling available and encourage our employees to recycle as much as possible. Amagi will implement similarly responsible practices in all new upcoming facilities across the globe.

For employees outside of our headquarters, we work with flexible workplace providers with a sustainability focus. These offices typically offer recycling systems and water filtration systems to eliminate the need for bottled water.


  • With an open floor plan, 90% of our work areas have enough ventilation and plenty of
    natural light, reducing our electronic carbon footprint immensely.
  • We avoid using central air conditioning in the offices (except for enclosed meeting spaces), and with the offices being naturally lit, we’re reducing our use of electric lights during the day too.
  • We support our employees who have electric vehicles by providing them free charging points in our headquarters.
  • There are tons of indoor plants in the form of a plant wall keeping our employees fresh and energized.
  • Amagi closed its offices for three days last year and gave employees time off, supporting our employees’ mental health and reducing our carbon footprint as an added benefit.
  • Our remote/hybrid work policy contributes to a reduced carbon footprint saving on extensive office space, employee commutes and more.

Waste Reduction

Amagi is committed to reducing paper usage and promoting the use of digital technologies for communication, documentation, contract execution and record-keeping. As a result, our business is nearly paperless. In addition, we discourage the use of single-use plastics and other disposable products and make use of recycling programs for old computer hardware, used toner cartridges and obsolete equipment/furniture.


  • We reduced the use of tissues and reduced our paper consumption by installing air dryers.
  • We are working towards institutionalizing e-waste recycling programs.

Sustainable Procurement

Amagi is committed to purchasing environmentally friendly products and services. Amagi promotes the use of recycled or biodegradable materials and prioritizes sourcing from suppliers who use sustainable and ethical practices.


  • Our new joiner bag for employees is completely eco-friendly, including a biodegradable plantable stationery kit to promote minimizing net waste and encouraging employees to think about growing instead of throwing.
  • We use eco-friendly materials for the carpets and reduce single-use crockery and cutlery in existing offices and in new offices as we expand our footprint.
  • We are working towards identifying eco-friendly cleaning products for our offices in the future.

Employee Engagement

Amagi is committed to engaging employees in environmental stewardship and promoting environmentally responsible practices. We also seek to enhance awareness among our employees by implementing eco-friendly practices.


  • Encouraging recycling programs and energy-saving initiatives, and motivating employees to act in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Amagi leadership team to lead by example and demonstrate sustainable practices to encourage an open and honest dialogue about the environmental performance of our operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Amagi is committed towards ensuring our values of sustainability are driven through all our CSR partners/projects by encouraging them to use locally available and eco-friendly material in the construction and designing structures that allow plenty of natural light and ventilation.

Our Amagi CSR project “Aarvam” uses:

  • Sustainable supply chain: Use locally available material to build blocks and eco-friendly material like bamboo to create structures.
  • Responsible energy consumption: Plan to set up solar grid electrification for all the new buildings.
  • Effective waste reduction/recycling: Segregation of waste and use of biodegradable waste as manure within the campus.
  • Maximum use of natural light: Applying design techniques to allow more ventilation and natural lighting in all buildings.
  • Minimal carbon footprint: Plant only native varieties around the exploratorium. This will help children learn about ecology and create a forest area within the campus.

Last updated: August 7, 2023