Building next-gen cloud solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

With 10+ years of cloud technology leadership, Amagi enables TV networks and content owners to launch, manage, distribute, and monetize live, linear, and on-demand channels across cable, OTT, and Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) platforms, worldwide.

Amagi provides a complete suite of solutions for channel creation, distribution, and monetization for broadcast and streaming TV customers, globally. Amagi enables content owners to launch, distribute and monetize live linear channels on Free-Ad-Supported TV and video services platforms. Amagi also offers 24x7 cloud-managed services bringing simplicity, advanced automation, and transparency to the entire broadcast operations. Overall, Amagi supports 650+ content brands, 800+ playout chains, and over 2000 channel deliveries on its platform in over 40 countries. Amagi has a presence in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Paris, and Singapore, broadcast operations in New Delhi, and an innovation center in Bangalore. 

Amagi CLOUDPORT, built on AWS cloud, is an award-winning cloud-based channel playout platform. It offers broadcast-grade quality with the flexibility of true cloud or edge deployment and can be used to deliver linear channels over satellite, fiber, or IP. Amagi CLOUDPORT leverages the automation of processes such as playlist generation and quality checks for configurable parameters. It can be also deployed to manage live broadcasts and can ingest content from multiple live sources, while the Digital Video Effects (DVE) and advanced graphics make the experience even richer for the user.

User-friendly, configurable UI dashboard
Intuitive asset management and metadata editing console with configurable rules for asset management. Detailed analytics on playlist status and asset status are available in the Web dashboard.

Automation for scheduling, QC, and monitoring
Automated alerts, QC configurations, and scheduling for effective playout management. Configurable automated email alerts for invalid assets or playlist mismatches.

Multi-layered, dynamic graphics
Support for dynamic graphics template with rich video effects such as Credit Squeeze, PIP, lower third, and more. Up to 10 hardware layers and unlimited software layers of graphics.

Best-in-class live event handling on the cloud
Frame-accurate live switching, with the ability to simultaneously ingest from IP and HD-SDI and dynamically go into or exiting from live breaks.

Case studies


Reaching new international audiences with FAST
With a focus on delivering new opportunities to reach its young, culturally diverse audience, Fuse Media used solutions from AWS Partner Amagi to launch and monetize its Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels — and created five FAST channels in the span of 2 years, expanding the company’s footprint within the US and abroad.

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Launching a 24x7 live weather news channel with Amagi
Amagi deployed Amagi THUNDERSTORM, Amagi CLOUDPORT, and Amagi LIVE to launch AccuWeather NOW live linear channel in under two months. Amagi delivered these services leveraging Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Amazon S3, AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Elemental MediaConnect, Amazon CloudFront, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Aurora DB.

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Cox media group AWS microsite

Powering a 3x growth in digital offerings with Amagi
Using Amagi CLOUDPORT, Amagi LIVE, Amagi ADS PLUS, and Amagi THUNDERSTORM, we helped Cox Media Group create, launch and distribute 31 live, linear, and radio channels. We also helped improve ad monetization and create better ad experiences for their end viewers.

Amagi delivered these services leveraging Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Amazon S3, AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Elemental MediaConnect, Amazon CloudFront, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Aurora DB. 

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Blue ant media AWS microsite
Powering Blue Ant Media's growing portfolio of FAST channels
With Amagi CLOUDPORT and Amagi THUNDERSTORM, we helped Blue Ant Media quickly launch broadcast-grade channels across the globe while maximizing content monetization. Amagi delivered these services leveraging Amazon S3.

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