Accelerate Your FAST Success Story with Amagi Consulting Services

Amagi Consulting Services

Are you a content provider looking to explore and thrive in the Free Ad-supported Streaming TV market? We have got you covered. Leveraging our deep industry expertise, we are introducing a new service designed especially to give you access to industry best practices and accelerate your success.

At Amagi, we have enabled over 700 content brands to successfully launch and scale their FAST channels. With our full suite of industry-leading cloud playout and ad-tech solutions, we have supported 2000+ channel deliveries to 50+ platforms, driving over 50bn ad impressions.

We cater to a wide range of customers with varied business and technical requirements:

  • Traditional magazine publishers looking to monetize their video archives by launching FAST channels
  • Global pay TV cable networks looking to launch a FAST exclusive brand to reach new audiences and drive incremental revenues
  • Major studios or IP holders launching a specialized IP channel to monetize their deep library content
  • Digital-first video publishers upgrading from social/YouTube to FAST to access new audiences and premium CTV ad inventory

Thanks to our vast experience working with such an eclectic group of customers, we are in a vantage position to share valuable best practices and common pitfalls to avoid. Whether you are a content provider looking to venture into FAST or you are already operating a few channels, you can leverage our team’s insights - gained from a ringside view of what it takes to be a successful content provider. 

Engage with us to better understand the following key aspects:

  • Strategic overview of the FAST ecosystem including stakeholders and business models, and what it takes to launch channels
  • End-to-end value chain design from content acquisition and programming to distribution and ad sales
  • Monetization with the right-sized ad sales and ad ops infrastructure, partnerships and operating models
  • Data and analytics to gather comprehensive insights on programming and ad sales to drive improved hours of viewership
  • Opportunities for expanding distribution to new platforms and geographies 

If you are keen on exploring these topics, let’s kick off the conversation and assess where you could use our specialized help.  

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