Putting broadcast on cloud nine with Amagi and AWS -

July 21, 2016

By Amagi media labs

Amagi and Amazon AWS demonstrate why Cloud is a viable alternative to traditional broadcast models, and a future-ready technology for TV broadcasting.

At the Amazon AWS Partner Summit held earlier this month in Bangalore, Amagi was recognized as the Regional Rising Star in the Southern Region.

The award not only celebrates the significant Year Over Year (YOY) growth that Amagi has achieved by integrating its solutions with AWS, but is also a testament to the combined vision and faith of the two companies in cloud technologies as a game-changer for TV broadcasting.


The broadcast industry in the last 3-5 years has seen a tectonic shift in how viewers like to consume video content. The proliferation of multiscreen devices, availability of high quality broadband internet, and the growing demand for content personalization have put the viewer in control like never before. On the other hand, expensive, CAPEX-intensive satellite and fiber-based delivery models are slowing down TV networks in responding to the evolving needs of viewers due to scalability, extensibility, time-to-market, and ROI limitations.

A reliable, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure from Amazon AWS, coupled with advanced playout and monetization solutions from Amagi is fast enabling TV networks to drive broadcast efficiencies.

Using Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure, Amagi is able to transition the end-to-end broadcast workflow to the cloud. From content ingest, playout, delivery to monetization, TV networks can manage their entire broadcast operations remotely, at a fraction of the costs of traditional broadcast models.

Through Amazon AWS, Amagi's clients are able to drastically reduce cost of content storage and archival by moving their entire content to the cloud from in-premise or third-party data center facilities. Once content assets are on the cloud, TV networks can use Amagi platforms to create a channel feed on the fly and distribute it anywhere across the globe. The fact that TV networks can cater to non-contiguous geographies as per business needs gives them tremendous flexibility to focus on individual markets that offer the best returns. They no longer have to live with a non-optimized satellite footprint.

Further, Amagi leverages Amazon AWS to localize content and ads on traditional linear TV, as well as deliver personalized and targeted ads on OTT multi-screens across live and non-live genre of content.

This association promises to grow stronger as we bring about increased efficiencies, cost reduction, and enhanced scalability to broadcast operations, eventually leading to cloud evolving as the de-facto platform for broadcast.