Channel Creation
and Broadcasting

Create, deliver, and regionalize content via worldwide fiber, satellite, and IP delivery network.

Channel creation and content delivery solution for TV networks

For large TV networks trying to streamline their channel delivery, Amagi has stitched a highly efficient content acquisition, processing, and delivery solution. The solution is built on the core of Amagi’s award-winning CLOUDPORT playout platform, and automation-driven services for content acquisition and processing.

Amagi’s global delivery network of teleports, datacenters, and fiber or IP delivery partners, makes the fastest and most efficient launchpad for linear channel delivery across the globe, on TV or OTT multi-screen devices. The granular content delivery capability of Amagi also makes it the ideal partner for specific regionalization needs.

For TV networks planning to target new-age, millennial audience by making their channels available on OTT devices, Amagi’s ‘built-on-cloud’ platform simplifies metadata management. Amagi’s solution can be used for streamlined delivery of linear channels to channel aggregators.


  • Flexible options of private cloud, public cloud and edge playout
  • Highly versatile covering satellite, fiber, and IP delivery methods
  • Built on scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Ability to extend delivery to OTT platforms
  • Automation-driven framework for media processing

Application Areas

Channel origination
Channel origination

Create linear channels and distribute over satellite, fiber or IP-based delivery.

Opt-out feeds
Opt-out feeds

Regionalize channels to address viewer preferences, broadcast regulations, and content rights obligations.

Live broadcast
Live broadcast

Broadcast live premium sports, college sports and live events

Pop-up channels
Pop-up channels

Spin up short duration channels to test markets, drive content promotions, and manage seasonal/holiday demands.



Amagi’s onboarding team works with customer’s technical team for transitioning entire ingest workflow including storage options, and live integration.



Amagi’s onboarding team works with external vendors, and delivery partners to achieve acceptable asset and signal quality.


Looking for a customized configuration? Submit your queries to our sales team.

Deliver Live Across the Globe

Amagi delivers content to any device, any region through its global network of teleports, fiber POPs, CDNs, and 100+ operators across 40+ countries.

Deliver Live Across the Globe


Does Amagi’s solution include migration support?

Yes. Amagi’s onboarding team takes care of all ingest, and asset-level requirements to customize the solution. Amagi also coordinates with delivery hubs, uplink centres, and other delivery partners such as Zixi.

Does Amagi provide 24x7 monitoring support as part of the solution?

Yes, Amagi provides infrastructure monitoring for all channels as part of the support, and Amagi’s playout management team notifies the customer for any transmission issues. A fully managed monitoring service is also provided by Amagi as an add-on.

What aspects of the workflow are covered under Amagi’s solution?

Amagi’s solution includes content ingest, storage, and QC, as well as infrastructure monitoring, and signal transmission. The solution also enables services such as automated playlist validation as part of the playout platform.

Does Amagi have a local office we can contact in case of emergencies?

Amagi has offices in UK, USA, India, and Singapore. Amagi’s centralized playout monitoring centre can be reached 24x7 across time zones.

How does Amagi ensure content security for my assets and signal?

Amagi has a well-established security framework based on enterprise-grade cloud security, and best-practices for broadcast-grade security. Know more about Amagi’s security features.

How do I know the exact status of playout, and what reporting features are included?

The web dashboard provided by Amagi for the playout platform includes real-time status of each asset, and daily email reports are available for each channel.

Does Amagi’s solution offer the option of a redundant set-up?

Yes, Amagi can ensure a redundant set-up for greater channel integrity. By default, Amagi’s cloud infrastructure provides built-in redundancy and is built on leading cloud vendors such as AWS and Microsoft Azure to offer greater reliability.

I want my feed to go to multiple countries with different time zones? Do you support it? How?

Amagi can create a regional or time-adjusted feed using the edge or cloud playout solutions. Both options eliminate the need to launch multiple satellite or fiber feeds.

What SLAs can you guarantee?

Amagi can guarantee the best-in-class playout SLA of up to 99.999%. In case of an end-to-end playout and delivery service, distribution SLAs may vary based on the choice of satellite or fiber vendor. Amagi also guarantees resolution of critical issues within one hour and 1+1 redundant playout configuration.

Can I opt for only the Amagi CLOUDPORT platform and use my existing delivery contracts?

Yes, Amagi can integrate with your existing content management system and facilitate delivery of your channel to desired destination.