Spin up live, linear channels in a flash

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Playout Features

Get maximum ROI from your live, linear & VOD libraries
Transcoding and format conversion

For cross-continent delivery, multiple transcoding options to ensure desired broadcast quality and compliance.

Automatic asset QC

Automated systems perform multiple quality checks for black frames, loudness, or audio silence, and the QC teams are accordingly notified.

Low-res preview for manual QC

Low-resolution preview of all assets so that the manual QC team can validate and re-upload assets.

Automated playlist validation

Configurable playlist validation options for tackling missing assets, duration mismatch, or holes in the playlist.

Contextual playlist

Contextual rescue playlist to dynamically determine ever-green assets to be played in case of missing assets while keeping the duration consistent.

SD/HD/4K UHD playout

Multi-channel playout with SD/IP/ASI output, customizable AsRun logs, rescue playout, and alerts.

Live playout controls

Real-time master-control view with Live on/off, Live ad breaks, play live graphics, logo on/off, Skip/Skip next, and real-time tickers, and social media feeds.

Advanced dynamics graphics

Full-screen graphics, social media integration, static/animated logos/bugs, countdown timer, ticker/scrolls/lower thirds overlay, L-band, PIP effect, video squeeze back, and voice overlays.