A virtual ad sales service to minimize unsold ad inventory

What is Amagi ADS PLUS?

Amagi ADS PLUS is a virtual ad sales service that is customized to perform the role of an extended sales team to sell unsold ad inventory in linear streaming TV channels. As Amagi delivers more than 200 linear channels to leading streaming TV platforms across the globe, it is able to bridge the gap in the advertising model on ad-supported video streaming services, by creating attractive ad bundles, pooling together unsold ad inventories.

Using programmatic advertising approach, Amagi ADS PLUS plugs its ad server to the existing DSP waterfall sequence using Amagi developed VAST tags and brings in advertisers at a price configured by content owners and streaming TV operators. Amagi ADS PLUS helps optimize unsold ad inventory on linear channels across content genres and offers improved targeting.

Amagi ADS PLUS platform creates customized bundles of unsold ad inventory for advertisers from 200+ linear channels that it distributes to Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) platforms. Advertisers stand a chance to leverage more than two billion monthly impressions under Amagi’s management to run targeted ad campaigns to a large viewer base on multiple linear channels and streaming TV platforms. At no additional cost to content owners or video service providers, Amagi ADS PLUS is a risk-free approach to monetize unsold inventory and grow ad revenues. The service is comprehensive with advanced analytics and reporting of ad impressions sold, revenue generated, and ad opportunities created.


  • A virtual service with no upfront costs
  • Works with leading content owners and streaming TV platforms
  • Get access to wider ad network partnerships
  • Minimize unsold ad inventory

What can you use Amagi ADS PLUS for?

Monetize unsold ad inventory
Monetize unsold ad inventory

Amagi ADS PLUS secures all the unsold inventory from the participating linear channels that it delivers to FAST and Connected TV platforms and plugs its ad server to offer advertisers for bidding.

Virtual ad sales service
Virtual ad sales service

The platform takes care of end-to-end ad sales operations virtually and offers comprehensive analytics and reporting of ad impressions sold and revenue generated.

Access wider ad network
Access wider ad network

Amagi ADS PLUS gives an opportunity to content owners to effortlessly integrate with an ecosystem of ad networks and partnerships, in addition to their existing DSP network.