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The pricing of CLOUDPORTXpress is based on fixed hourly subscriptions per resource usage. Please refer to the AWS Marketplace listing page for the latest prices and sample pricing calculation.

You can ingest content via AWS S3 credentials provided to you once you subscribe, or directly through the UI. Software like Transmit 5, Cloudberry etc. can be used for S3 ingest. Please note that the UI should be used for smaller size files only (< 500 MB).

An option to run live events is planned in a future release. You can contact us at for more information.

Yes, there is an option to download As-Run reports for any specific date when playout took place.

If you are looking to manage complex live broadcast-grade sports channels, Amagi CLOUDPORT or Amagi LIVE are a more suitable solution.

Amagi CLOUDPORTXpress generates a CloudFront URL that you can provide to any OTT platform. Alternatively, you can supply an RTMP URL to push the stream to.

Amagi CLOUDPORTXpress supports up to two channels. Channels that are no longer required can be easily deleted. If you need to add more channels, reach out to us at to modify the subscription arrangement.



You can send us a message via the chatbot, explore through the help center or email us at We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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