Best practices in designing your Video-On-Demand delivery workflows

Delivering Video-On-Demand (VOD) assets to streaming platforms, OTT, or Video Distributors is a complex workflow. As the number of assets, associated meta-data, and the platforms for delivery increases, the complexity involved also increases significantly.

So how do you effectively manage assets, build pipelines with transcoding, drive packaging and quality control and build an efficient architecture for VOD delivery? Delve into our whitepaper to explore some of the best practices you can follow for better results.

The whitepaper, which is packed with several use cases and case studies, talks about the following in detail:

  • VOD delivery challenges
  • Complying with platform requirements
  • Building customizable ingestion workflows
  • Designing a robust architecture for VOD delivery
  • Support for multiple transcoders and packaging
  • Improving the speed of delivery
  • Achieving cost-efficiency with optimization
  • Preparing for monetization
  • Amagi’s proven approach to VOD delivery
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