Fighting disasters and ensuring business continuity with Amagi’s cloud-backed disaster recovery solutions

Disasters: A severe threat to broadcasting networks

While calamities - natural and man-made are unavoidable, broadcasting networks need a solid plan to face them. They can severely affect the viewing experience and cause a significant revenue loss.

If you are a traditional broadcasting network, your physical infrastructure remains at a high risk of getting damaged, leading to significant downtime.

Looking to disaster-proof your network and ensure effective business continuity? The answer lies in cloud-backed disaster recovery solutions.

Read our exhaustive whitepaper to explore:

  • How disasters can wreak havoc on your broadcasting network
  • Factors that lead to traditional broadcasters facing a worse brunt
  • Why cloud-based disaster recovery solutions are the way to go
  • Amagi’s customizable cloud-based disaster recovery solutions
  • How Amagi’s linear playout disaster recovery solution enabled a leading media house to run smoothly

With Amagi’s cloud-backed solutions you can:

  • Choose a disaster recovery model based on your requirements
  • Run smooth operations and enjoy business continuity
  • Get 24x7 phone and email support for cloud infrastructure monitoring
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