Create, distribute and monetize linear channels

Create, distribute and monetize linear channels

Reach over 200 million homes through Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) platforms.

Offer TV-like experience on OTT with linear channels

For new-age digital networks and content owners trying to re-create TV-like experiences for streaming audiences, Amagi provides a holistic OTT video publishing solution. Using its award-winning cloud playout platform, Amagi CLOUDPORT, Amagi creates linear OTT channels, complete with advanced graphics, programming and ad schedules.

Amagi distributes video content to a wide variety of Connected TV and OTT platforms including Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) and Direct-to-Consumer apps.

  • Reach 200+ million homes
  • Global distribution network
  • Integration with Top 50 platforms
  • Broadcast-grade quality
  • Fully managed services
  • Monetization with real-time dashboard and analytics

Channel Creation

Amagi simplifies linear OTT channel creation by bringing together all aspects of the broadcast workflow on to a sophisticated yet easy-to-use web user interface on its award-winning cloud playout platform, Amagi CLOUDPORT. Digital networks and content owners can easily spin-up new channels through a structured process of content ingest, scheduling, and playout with 24x7 control of the end-to-end channel creation workflow.

Channel Creation

Using automated workflows, ingest live and library content, ad files, graphics, and schedules even when they are in multiple formats. Easily create thematic channels and pop-up channels by managing playlists, defining schedules, and adding graphics.

01Metadata creation

Create and enrich metadata of content assets using automation to enable easy retrieval of video files for building playlists.

02Program scheduling

Build schedules based on program grid, copy programming blocks, integrate ad traffic, graphics and promos.

03Dynamic graphics

Add rich video effects such as Credit Squeeze, PIP, L-band and more using ready-to-use dynamic graphics templates.

04Storage and archival

Store live and library content on public or private cloud. Access all your content at any time through web UI.

Channel Distribution

Amagi offers digital networks and content owners access to a combined audience of more than 200 million viewers. Amagi distributes linear OTT channels to Free Ad Supported platforms, vMVPD platforms, and Direct-to-Consumer apps on Connected TVs and devices with a plug-and-play approach. Amagi provides the advantage of the widest distribution in the industry with pre-integrated solutions for leading platforms enabling faster on-boarding of channels.

Access leading Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) platforms through Amagi

Access leading Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) platforms through Amagi

Channel monetization

Amagi enables digital networks and content owners maximize advertising revenues through Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI), improve fill-rates through programmatic ad sales, and power decisions that are backed by real-time viewership analytics and insights. What’s unique is that Amagi provides a fully managed service inclusive of technology, ad sales and operations support.

Channel monetization
01Scalable infrastructure

Reduce bottle-necks for scaling the ad insertion system for millions of users to serve the manipulated manifest file (playlist).

02Frame-accurate ad insertion

Insert ads on the server-side frame-accurately using standard ad triggers like SCTE, be it live or library content.

03Multiple ad network compatibility

Source ads from any ad network supporting VAST 2.0 and above with pre-defined prioritization for better yield management.

04Analytics and reporting

Real-time analytics on ad impressions, users, sessions, geography and ad network statistics.

Comprehensive ad network partnerships
Comprehensive ad network partnerships

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